Can they hear? I don't understand
I'm scream, running, but they don't hear.
Anyone there?
People all around, but I am so alone.
Slow motion, darkness, like I am Falling.

This is free verse. I hope you like it :)


1. Talk

Talk, talk, talk

That's all I hear!

Left to right.

They laugh and point.

It's bad, It's bad

Walking down the hall is no better,

HAHA She Is A Loser Isn't She?

That's the talk talk talk

Ring! The bell goes

shuffled feet go down the hall

Excepted mine, They are glued

I don't want to face them

Fears, fears, fears is what I have

But everyone does

Some are different, than others.

Mine though is sitting behind a cold hard desk

Not even 10 feet away is

Clare Mean Clare 

Her name sticks out like a sore thumb.

She is the reason,

For the tears.

The pain

I stood there for awhile

I decide to walk home

The only thing I do best

Is skip school

Nature is so pretty, pretty, pretty

Leaves as pure as ice

Wind rushes through my hair

Birds singing their lovely song

Nature is beautiful unlike my life


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