Niall and Bella have been best friends forever. But when Harry gets involed things Change.


3. Chapter 3

When we arrived at the airport, the laps were everywhere! At like 4 in the morning! Don't these people have lives????
"Bells, come here. Hide behind me and Harry." Niall told me.
"Alright." I squeezed in-between them so I was shielded on both sides.
The flashes were super bright, and the were loads of them.
I started to stumble. Someone grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him. I looked up and saw Harry.
"Thanks." I gushed.
"Dont worry about it."
He was still holding my hand when we boarded the plane and I didn't protest.
"Bells! Sit with me!" Niall screamed sounding like a little kid.
I let out a laugh and sat beside him. Harry sat across from me. I smiled.
"How long is this flight?" I asked.
"Seven hours." Louis said.
"Seven hours?!" I proclaimed.
"Yeah, I'm gonna sleep the whole time." Zayn replied.
"Of course." Liam said.
"Actually sleeping sounds pretty good to me." I said.
They all chuckled. "You can if you want." Niall said.
"Ok." I said. I lay my head on Niall's lap and he put his coat over my torso. I closed my eyes and drifted off.

*Bella's Dream*

I laughed and chased after Harry. "I'm gonna get you!" I screamed. He chuckled. His green orbs shined.
I was about to get and I tripped. "AHHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed. Then felt hands catch my waist. "It's ok, I got you." Harry said.
"Thanks." I said as he pulled me into him. My lips crashed against his. "I love you Bells."
Bells, that's what Niall calls me. I smiled. "Love you too Harry."


"Bells?" a voice asked.
I opened my eyes. Niall was looking down on me. "Yeah?" I answered.
"You alright?" he asked. "You were smiling like mad."
"Yeah, I'm fine." I answered cooly.
"Dreaming about me?" Harry said.
I felt my cheeks blush. "Nope."
"Are we almost there?" I asked trying to change the subject.
"if 4 more hours is close, than yes." Liam said.
"Hilarious." I replied.
"If there's that much time I'm going back to sleep." I said.
"Your starting to sound like Zayn." Niall said.
I rolled my eyes, and tried to go back to sleep.

*4 hours later*

We arrived. Finally! The boys first rehearsal wasn't until tomorrow, so we went straight to the hotel. There were paps again but not nearly as bad as this morning.
We pulled up to this huge hotel. "Wow, is this where were staying?" I asked.
"Yeah." Harry said.
In awe I walked out of the car and into the lobby. The boys were close behind me. Paul had checked us in earlier, so we went up to our rooms. "Bells, were sharing." Niall informed me.
"Alright, dibs on the bed!" I screamed running to our room.
"We'll see about that!" Niall said chasing after me.
"You'll never catch me!" I screamed. But he did.
"Aha!" He screamed.
"No fair! Your the only one with a key!" I whined.
Out of no where Harry grabbed Niall. "Run Bella!" he screamed.
Giggling I did. "I win!" I screamed doing a little victory dance.
"Cheater." Niall scoffed.
"Sore loser." I said.
He playfully punched my arm. "Let's go get lunch." he said.
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