Love in Plymouth

When Maddy and her friend Micky go away for a girly weekend to Plymouth to excape everything thats happened in London, they don't expect to to meet the GB Diving Team! The team are having a hard time - having just got back from the Olympics they are finding it hard to hide from the press that keeps following them. The girls try to help them get away, but in the meantime love has arisen for the girls. Maddy finds her self in a difficult position! Two of the male divers have fallen in love with her and she needs to make her mind up of which one she will choose and time is running out!


2. Pizza?

Instead of coming round from my blissful sleep to the usual sound of my favourite band on my radio alarm clock, I was rudely woken by Micky storming into my room and leaping on the bed. “Get up! We need to explore!” It was like Groundhog Day. I was sure this had only happened yesterday morning when we’d been in London and not sleeping off the effects of the very long journey in my parent’s house. “Don’t you ever sleep?” I huffed into my pillow.

“Pleeeeeease!” He voice was right in my ear. I looked up to see her leaning over me, face beaming eagerly. I couldn’t help laughing. It was Micky’s first time in Plymouth and I couldn’t blame her for being so excited. “Ok, Ok. If you leave, I can get up,” I grumbled.

“Just hurry.” She patted me on the head and I made a sleepy attempt at smacking her hands away, but she was too quick, jumping off the bed with far too much morning energy. “Byeee. See you in a minute!”

“LOTS of minutes,” I retorted as she bounded out of the room. After a quick shower, I changed into my favourite day dress – a short blue denim shirt dress, just right for the sunny weather – and the tan lace-up boots with heels that I loved. They were probably too fancy for walking around Plymouth, and would definitely hurt my feet, but it was a price I had to pay to complete my best outfit. I felt like making an effort after our unwashed and exhausting journey down, but this meant that by the time I had finished putting on a tiny bit of make-up and taming my wavy hair it was pretty much lunchtime.

I made my way down into the lounge where Micky was sitting on the sofa, waiting for me.

“Finally!” she exclaimed, jumping up, I gave her a warning scowl and she laughed. “You look great, though, Maddy.”

“Well, so do you. I love your sparkly top.” Micky was wearing a bright red tee with ‘LA’ printed on it in black. I didn’t think she had actually ever been to America, but it was cute!

“Thanks, Maddy. Shall we get something to eat? I’m starving. And it is lunchtime,” she said, tapping her watch and looking pointedly at me. “Fair enough,” I grinned, accepting that I was late again. “Where are we going then?”

“I wanna have pizza!” she said, jumping up and down.

I sighed, rolling my eyes. “Really? We come all the way to Plymouth  where we could eat anything and go anywhere and you still want to eat that? I don’t see how you can be so obsessed.”

Micky looked at me pleadingly. “Ok, fine. But I get to pick tomorrow,” I said determinedly.

“Yay!” Micky grabbed my arm and practically skipped out of the house.

I decided we should take Mum’s mini to the local Italian. And since I was feeling in a generous mood I let Micky drive. I sat back, looking out of the window, and breathed a happy sigh of relief at being somewhere different. Somewhere where we could leave all the stresses of home and old relationships behind. Micky had the radio on one of the news stations. I tried to switch stations but Micky beat me to it. Soon there was news about the Great Britain Diving Team who had apparently just get back to Plymouth from being at the Olympics and we both screamed.

Micky had to concentrate really hard on getting us there in one piece she was laughing so hard. This was why we’d come to Plymouth – as well as seeing my parents it was for moments like this.

We arrived at the restaurant in a great mood. It wasn’t very busy, which suited me perfectly. It meant we could have a proper gossip and make plans for this week and get served really quickly. I was starving by this point. We sat down at a table near the window and got ready to order. Suddenly the sound of a group of boys laughing loudly and exchanging colourful banter a few tables behind us drifted over.

“Argh, do you want to go, Micky? Having rowdy boys in our ear wasn’t really part of the plan for today,” I complained.

“Oh, lighted up, they’re only having a bit of fun,” Micky said while shaking her head. “They’re not Jordan or Shawn, and that’s all that matters!”

“I guess so,” I said, feeling like a bit of a party pooper. “Sorry.”

But Micky wasn’t listening. She was searching wildly through her handbag, pulling things out onto the table one by one.

“Micky? What’s up?” She looked up at me. “I forgot my purse. I must have left it back at your parent’s,” she said biting her bottom lip.

“Oh no!” I said. “Really?”

Micky nodded. “Well you can borrow money off me and me back later.”

“I left my phone too. And I haven’t even texted my parents to let them know we’re here safe yet. Sorry!” Micky blushed.

“Micky!” I moaned.

“Well, we haven’t ordered yet, so can you wait till I get back? I won’t be long.”

I sighed. “OK. Drive safe and don’t rush.”

“Thank you, Thank you! I’ll be back soon!” With that she left the table and ran out of the door.

I ordered a drink from the waitress so I wouldn’t be made to leave and started checking through my messages and emails for something to do while waiting for Micky. The sound of the boys’ voices had got louder in the meantime; I kept hearing them telling silly jokes before bursting into laughter. They must have been drunk already – at this time of day!I turned round to see if I could spot them, but they were at a table round the corner, hidden from the view of the other diners.

I wondered if the waiters had done this deliberately as they that guessed how noisy and annoying they’d be. I silently will Micky to get back soon.

The phone rang, interrupting my thoughts. It was my mum. “Hey Mum, how are you? Mum? Mum....” The line went dead as I lost reception.

I sighed and got up to find somewhere with a better connection. Looking down and redialling her number quickly, I wandered roughly in the direction of the door – and walked straight into somebody.

As I landed hard on my backside, a plate of food came tumbling down all over my lovely blue dress.

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