Love in Plymouth

When Maddy and her friend Micky go away for a girly weekend to Plymouth to excape everything thats happened in London, they don't expect to to meet the GB Diving Team! The team are having a hard time - having just got back from the Olympics they are finding it hard to hide from the press that keeps following them. The girls try to help them get away, but in the meantime love has arisen for the girls. Maddy finds her self in a difficult position! Two of the male divers have fallen in love with her and she needs to make her mind up of which one she will choose and time is running out!


1. Plymouth

“Maddy, Get up. We’re going to miss the train!”

I rolled away and pulled the duvet over my head, trying to ignore my friend, Mikela. I was not a good morning person. I peered out reluctantly at my blue alarm clock. Dammit! She was right – we’d overslept.  I shot out of bed and got dressed, pulling on my blue jeans and Hollister hoodie. Our train was in less than an hour – no time for a shower. Luckily it was just us two on the train down to Plymouth today and after everything that had happened recently, there was definitely no one I wanted to impress. I grabbed the brush off my dressing table and worked through my messy blonde hair as quickly as possible – it was quite difficult since it was VERY knotty.

Mikela and I were going to visit my parents for the fortnight. I’d just turned eighteen and finished school, mum had begged me to come and stay and I knew I would feel guilty if I didn’t go after not seeing my parents for a few months, so I was taking Mikela along with me because I don’t have any friends in Plymouth.  My parents were going to be away for the first week and after both of us having horrible boyfriend break-ups this term we both needed to have a break away from everything.

I grabbed my suitcase, thankful that I’d packed it last night, and went down the stairs to where Mikela was waiting. Looking down at her, one hand tapping on the hallway table and pushing her short dark hair off her face with the other, I was reminded how childlike I looked walking next to her. She was definitely the sensible one out of the two of us. “Oh, so you actually did decide to get out of bed then? Come on, we need to catch that train.” The twinkle in Mikela’s eyes told me she wasn’t mad as she sounded. Mikela could never stay cross with anyone for too long. “Coming Mum” I said.

“Just get a move on.” Mikela laughed, pushing me out the door onto the bust streets.


We arrived at the train station with minutes to spare and leaped through the doors just as they were closing. Gabbing a table seat, we threw ourselves down, trying to get our breath back. I felt my tummy rumble; it was a long journey from London to Plymouth and in the mad rush out of the house there definitely hadn’t been any time for breakfast. Mikela reached into her bag for a bottle of Sprite and a packet of crisps. “Here, I thought you might be wanting these.” She said, handing it across the table. “Thanks Micky, you’re a life-saver.” I smiled. “Are you excited about our girly Plymouth trip?” Mikela nodded and smiled. “Yep, I really think we both need this break and time away from London to get ourselves sorted out for college. Don’t you?” I smiled, I could still see the hurt in her eyes from the hurtful break – up with her ex, Shawn, who had dumped her by text, was also mirrored in mine. My long-term boyfriend Jordan had run off with another girl, which had left me in a mess for a couple of days. Especially as the girl had been mine and Micky’s best friend. Jessica, Micky and I had been as close as anyone could be, but know we never speak to her. Micky’s phone pinged to tell her she had a message, providing a distraction from the horrible memories that were creepy their way inside my head. I shook them out and closed my eyes – that’s why we were going to Plymouth: to forget about horrible boys. This was going to be fun!

“Who is it?” I asked. Mikela scowled at the screen before slamming the phone down on the table. “Are you ok?” I asked and kicked myself for asked such a stupid question. Micky looked back at me with tears in her eyes. “It was Shawn.”

What? What the hell does he want?” I asked getting angry.

Micky looked down at the table and began fiddling with her hair. “He said he...” she mumbled the rest.

“Excuse me?” What on earth had he said this time?

Micky looked up and sighed. “He said he wants he back.”

“He said what?” That was the final straw.  This was meant to be mine and Micky’s holiday and somehow a boy back home was ruining it already. I grabbed her phone off the table.

“What are you doing?” Micky asked warily.

“Texting him.”

Micky reached out wildly, trying to grab the phone. “Nooooooo!”

I threw myself back in my seat, trying to keep the phone out of her reach. “Yes, Micky. That boy is bad news.” Micky looked distraught, but I carried on. This was for her own good. “Nobody finishes with my friend by a crappy text message. Because of him, you’ve spent the last week in the house crying and eating crap. And then he expects you to take him back? Phst!” I ran out of words to describe my disgust so I just finished the text instead. “What did you say to him?” she mumbled.

“Oh, nothing too bad.” I smiled. “Just that if he tries any of that shit again I will hunt him down and kill him.”

For a second Micky looked very shocked but then she started to laugh. “Thanks Maddy.”

“That’s what I’m here for.”

“Anyway, what about you? How are you doing?” Micky asked me.

“What do you mean? I tried to play dumb.

“You know what,” she replied gently. “Do you think you night have started to move on?  You haven’t mentioned a single boy’s name since!” Micky smiled brightly and I could tell she trying to lighten the mood. I didn’t know what to say, Micky had gotten to me, she knew me too well. So I just looked at the floor instead.

“Maddy, How you ever thought that you might ever forgive Jessica for what happened?”

“No! And neither should you! Friends just don’t do that.”

“I know,” Micky replied sadly. I could tell Micky missed Jessica. I did too but I would never forgive her for dropping our friendship for a boy. And I knew as long as I wasn’t speaking to her then neither would Micky out of loyalty. I felt bad that the conversation was taking such a downturn. “Come on. Let’s change the subject. These are our two weeks of craziness and forgetting everything else!”

Micky grinned. “You’re right. You might find someone in Plymouth and have a summer romance!” she sang.

“No. Way.”

Micky just laughed.

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