Two Can Play at That Game

Treat me like a queen and I'll treat you like a king, but treat me like a game and I'll show you how it's played. ~ Jordan Marie Green


3. Two Can Play at that Game: Chapter 3

     Niall's P.O.V

     I chase after Jordan for as long as I can then I dropped to my knees I'm in love with Jordan but she doesn't know that. I'm crying now my face is now puffy redish pink. I grab my face and run my fingers through my hair. Why did I have to let Jordan go, oh why, why........ About to the end of the road there was a steep hill and they tossed a girl out and it was Jordan's best friend Skylar. I get up and run I see Skylar's body roll down the hill and it stops right on the tip of the pond her hair soaked, her hands tied behind her back, she has to have been molested. I rush to her and check her pulse she is barley breathing. I call a hospital and the emergency hospital car picks her up. Skylar had many broken bones and a torn tendon in her right leg. When she woke up I was at the edge of her bed I smiled and said "Didn't think I would be here did ya." She trys to raise up but she fails. I lean in and hug her "It's okay." I say to calm her down. I see a small smile comes across her face. Skyalr was really pretty she was more like a sister to me. I tell her "I've been at the sheriffs office all day looking for Jordan." A worried look appears across Skylar's face. She tries to speak but her voice is strained from screaming I guess. She rights on her paper "You have 6 days before they kill her." "WHAT?!?!" I scream I run out of the hospital and run to where I last saw Jordan.

    There must be something around here. I brush, and scrape off dust, dirt, scraps of clothing, looking for clues that could lead me to the van. Then I see tracks. I pull the keys out of the my pocket and opened the car door. I follow these tracks for miles. I call Liam and he answers with a shaky voice, I could tell he was nervous.

Liam: Hello? Have you found her?

Me: No we have six days Liam, SIX! I can't lose Jordan, I just Liam you know how much I love her.

Liam: I know man, I know. Well I'm heading over to Maria's house I'll let you go.

Me: I take one hand off the wheel for a split moment and scratch the back of my head. Alright man bye.

Hangs up

Liam's P.O.V

I sit there on the end of the bed biting my lip trying to hold back the tears. I know how much Niall loves Jordan but Jordan's my sister I can't just let her die and me doing nothing about it. I mean I know she doesn't care about me, as much as we fight we still love each other and I'm not going to stop for one spec of a second I will search the ends of the earth until I find her.

Jordan's P.O.V

     I wake up, my mouth is taped shut still, I look around taking in my background. I'm in some kind of safe, a big safe. I look to the right out of the corner of my eye, I see a person then I turn my head just a little and I see Bree, what is Bree doing here, infact what am I doing her tears are streaming down my face faster and getting bigger as how scared I am. Then the safe opens and somebody steps inside. I don't know who he is and I'm crying even more, I think it's sobs. He comes to me and put a finger to my lip and says "You're so beautiful, ah ah ah don't cry everythings going to be alright." I squirm away from him as fast as I can, he just smiles and gets up. He pats me on the knee and walks out leaving me alone. I take my mouth and use my teeth to get my hands free and untied. I crawl to Bree and wake her up. She's barley breathing, I calm her down so she doesn't have a heart attack as much as I did. She leans on my shoulder. GOD NIALL WHERE ARE YOU. I think in my head. I scream, and then I stand up. Here comes the guy again. "There's no need to worry here I brought you food. He kicks the food over to me. I stand in the corner of the wall not knowing if I should go near it. He assures me it's fine. I take a bite and a drink it brings my mouth joy. It taste really good, since my mouth has been dry so long. The man gets up and looks mad he clinches his fist and then he walks out. Two minutes later gas comes shooting down and I start to get light headed, Bree looks at me and frowns then her eyes roll back in her head and she passes out. I cough really hard and grab my throat. Is this really the end. My eyelashes flutter then slam shut.

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