Two Can Play at That Game

Treat me like a queen and I'll treat you like a king, but treat me like a game and I'll show you how it's played. ~ Jordan Marie Green


5. Chapter 5: Two Can Play at that Game

     Taylor's P.O.V

I sigh, thinking about Liam's sister Jordan I can't believe she's missing. Liam loves Jordan and he's been looking after her ever since we were little. She would also tell him to go away, I know because I was there. I've been Liam's best friend ever since we were four and I like him. I've had a crush on him ever since middle school in sixth grade. I'll never forget the day. He walked in and he saw me and his face lit up he ran to me and give me a big hug. People thought we were dating because we were best friends but in middle school you weren't supposed to have a guy best friend it wasn't normal. I rolled my eyes at the fact. I loved how Liam was a goodie goodie and I was a rebel I never really went to school, don't listen to society. Society is ugly and every snooty girl would get their teeth knocked out and an artificial nose. I knew how to fight yeah, but I could also be really nice. No one would really understand Liam and I's friendship. Oh how I wish it was more than just a friendship. Well I'm 19 now and I guess he doesn't think about me that way so why should I.  I got outside and head to the park where Liam and I first met. I go to the swing and trace the outlining of the swing I have a flashback. Liam and I swinging at the same time laughing at some stupid joke he told. I jumped off the swing and landed in a crouch position and his face turns into a shock position. I laugh and say "Ya know Liam you could jump off too." He looks at me with terror on his face. "Nah I think I'll pass." I laugh at him and walk away. He keeps swinging faster so I push him off and he flys then lands on his butt. He says "Oww." while laughing. I point at him and help him up then grabs my hand and pulls me down with him and I still can't stop laughing. Then as I get to the end of the playground my flashback comes to an end and I'm smiling like a big idiot in the middle of the school park. I laugh and walk away. Man I miss Liam I wonder if he's thinking of me right now......

Jordan's P.O.V

I wake up and now I'm in the same back of the van I was when I was kidnapped and I look out the window and I see my house. I need to get out of here. I look at Bree and tell her to follow me and I before I open the door and make sure she tucks and rolls. I open it up quick and silently and I tuck and roll. The guy doesn't even know Bree, Liam and I left. I get up and brush the dirt off of me. I attend to Bree and I notice she isn't doing to well. I check and see what's wrong with her and then I see her ankle it's twisted. I look away and I help Bree up to her feet c'mon we have to head home. Liam gets up and follows Bree and I to Niall's house. I beat and beat on the door to see if he will open up and yet I get no answer. So I cross the street and knock on Zayn's door. He opens up and I jump into his arms and he hugs me. He says "Jordan where were you Niall is about to go crazy he's looking for you." I pull away from him his arms still on my waist.  I look up to him and say "Does he know where I am,  he can't go back there, those people are crazy Zayn. Horrible People don't let Niall get hurt!." I rest my head on his shoulder. He assures me it's going to be alright. I look at Bree and say "Bree you need to go find Harry." "How can I? I can't even walk Jordan."  "Well he misses you and he feels the same like Niall." "Oh God." She says. I look at her, and roll my eyes. She looks away. I tell Zayn to leave Liam here while I go find Niall, with Bree. Zayn doesn't allow me so he calls the cops and the next thing I know I'm telling the cops where I was at. I told him I don't know just find Niall. He won't let me leave so Bree and I are taken to the hospital. Great, just great I hope Niall's okay.

Niall's P.O.V

I get a call saying that Jordan, Bree and Liam are fine. They are at a hospital. I slam on my breaks, and do a U turn as fast as I can. I go above the speed limit. I have to find Jordan, I miss her and I'm going to tell her the truth. I love her, and as soon as I hug her she will never leave me ever again. I'll make sure of it. I go to the first hospital and she isn't there. I know she's somewhere so I rush to the next hospital. I sprint to the secretary and ask if Jordan Green is there. She searches through the computer and she isn't there. I thank the lady and walk out. Where is Jordan? I call Zayn and they said they sent her across town. I pause and gather my thoughts together then I put my car in gear and drive across town as quickly as I can.  I'm not familiar with this hospital. I walk in and ask the secretary for Jordan and Bree and she says they are on level 8, and the elevator is broken. I look at her and sigh. I turn to the stairs not wanting to go up, but I know I have to. I start out slow then on the 5 level I run up the stairs as fast as I can yet it feels like I haven't moved one step. I get up to the 8th floor and my eyes scan each room looking for Jordan. I see Bree so I know Jordan's near by. I hope she's alright. Jordan is all the way at the end of the hallway. I go into her room and she's sitting up. Her face lights up and I run to her and hug her. Not so tight she's a lot fragile then before. Yet she still has a strong grip. I smile and I look into her eyes, "Look Jordan I don't care if I lose this silly game I don't even know why we started it, but I love you and I'm never letting you go again." "But Niall you cheated on me. I saw you." I look away from her, then say "No I did not, what you saw was some crazy stalker girl wanting me. I told her that it was never going to happen and I gave her a kiss goodbye. It didn't mean nothing Jordan. I swear!" Jodan stutters while saying this "I- I - I don't know anymore Niall." "Let me get some rest." Then she rolls over and I can see the tears on her pillow. I walk out of the room and try to manage what she just told me. Well she isn't the only one who doesn't know anymore.

Harry's P.O.V

I pass Niall not bothering to say hi or to stop and ask if he was alright I had to find Bree. I look up and I see her. She's asleep. I walk over to the bed and I lay my hand on her arm. She rolls over and looks up. Her bright icy cold blue eyes look into mine. I give her a kiss on the cheek. I try to sit down but she won't let me she tells me that her ankle is twisted. I stand back up. I tell her, "Bree, nothing matters as long as you're here with me." She smiles. I start to walk off, and she grabs my hand telling me to not leave her ever again. I sit down in the chair, and watch her sleep. She's so beautiful. Then my eyes began to shut and I doze to sleep. Dreaming dreams of Bree.

Jordan's P.O.V

I roll over faking me being asleep. I just lay there with my eyes open and I'm sobbing I'm not sure if I should believe Niall, he could just be lying to me again. I love him so much though. I'm so torn. I don't know what's real and what's not. I wish this could all just be a dream a horrible nightmare that isn't true. Then again I wish all my good dreams would be reality. Everything would be going good with Niall, I wouldn't have got kidnapped, I wouldn't be in this condition. I would be at home enjoying life. Nobody's life is perfect yeah I know, but why does mine have to be the worst in the world. I bet nobody has been kidnapped. Sometimes I just think why me? I just need to get some rest think on this and talk this out with my best friend and my brother.


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