Two Can Play at That Game

Treat me like a queen and I'll treat you like a king, but treat me like a game and I'll show you how it's played. ~ Jordan Marie Green


4. Chapter 4: Two Can Play at that Game

Bree's P.O.V

     I wake up with a headache, where am I, what am I doing here? All I remember is that I was at a club and they were having this massive party so I decided to go with a group of friends and my boyfriend. I found someone really cute and I followed him home, but then after that is just a faint blur, it's coming back slowly, but not fast enough. I look over and see Jordan with me. Was Jordan there? No she wasn't, I reach in my pockets and try to find my phone, but where is it? No was that man that I saw a murder? I'm about to hyperventilate then Jordan wakes up, and she explains to me that Skylar was with us and she got kidnapped and all she remembers was Niall running after her and the faint sound of men arguing in the background. I tell her "We have to find a way out of her." I get up and try to climb the walls or find a hole or something to crawl, dig, climb, beat my way out of here. She replies "I know we do, but I don't know how and I have a feeling Niall will come and save us all I mean there's no way he could get caught with me." I nodd my head and we wait. I'm starving and I look over to see a plate of food, I grab it and she grabs my hand, and shakes her head. I grab my stomach, in pain. I've never really had this feeling before, and starvation is hard. I grab my throat it's so dry, for the first time ever my tounge is not moist. Oh how I would kill for just one sip of nice cool refreshing water. Jordan is over here doing the same thing. I let out a dry tears, theres no water left in my body to even cry, we better get out of here or we are going to die soon. Sooner than I thought.

Jordyn's P.O.V

All of a sudden the door opens, and I rush to the door and beg the man to please let us go home and he says "You already are home." Then here comes Liam in and he's tossed across the room. Bree and I run to him and he's knocked out. I hug him my brother is not in shape to come and save me from a murderous killer. "Liam wake up." I say. Then I shake him and he's not waking up. Bree assures me he's knocked out. I back all the way to the wall and put my head in between my legs. Why does this have to have to me? I think in my head. I need to get out, I shake my head, I need to get out. I yell "I need to get out!" Bree says "Shhh, Bree they'll here you." "HELP!!!!" I repeatedly scream. Bree puts her hand on my mouth. Yeah like that's going to help when I once had 2 hands on my mouth and you could still hear my echo.

Niall's P.O.V

I walk into this dark muddy abandoned farm house. I look under bricks dirt and anything to see where I could find her. I go up to the attic and there's nobody there. I check the basement nobody. "God where are you Jordyn?" I run my fingers through my hair as I think. Where could she be? She's got to be close her tracks end here. I'll come back same time tomorrow. I have to rush home and go to the date I had. The whole time I couldn't stop thinking about Jordan. Where is she? Is she okay? I love Jordan so much. No game matters to me anymore. I can't cheat on her. I never had but she thinks I did. I just stare into Holly's eyes. She's into me, but I'm not. I can't believe I'm doing this to her. I get up and apologize and tell her I have to leave. She told me she perfectly understands and when I find my girl don't let her go ever again. How did she know it was about it Jordyn? I look back and she was gone. How who was that girl exactly? Whatever it doesn't even matter anyways. I have to find Jordan, but I need help before I go. I head home.

On my way home my phone rings and it's Harry telling me Liam's missing and Skylar's getting worse. How can one silly game, turn into some murder's game also? I visit Skylar at the hospital, her face is pale and she looks half dead. I take her hand and say "Skye where's Jordan?" She looks at me and says "The only way to save me is to save her." Great I have to save 2 girls and a boys life. I miss Jordyn so much. I sit down and put my elbows on my knees and I rest my head on them. Thinking, just thinking....

Harry's P.O.V

    "Bree's missing." I hear Jocelyn tell me. I break down on my knees. No not my sister. How could I have let this happen? My face is puffy. I miss her so much. I tell Jocelyn "We must find her." She tells me the police are on the case and they will find her as soon as possible. "But what if soon isn't soon enough?" I tell Jocelyn. "Ya know what if she's dead, when they find her?" "I'm not seeing my sister dead as just a bag of bones." "That isn't going to happen." She assures me. I shake my head "Well if they don't find her, I find her myself." I get up and slam the door shut. I sit on the porch. I run my fingers through my hair and yell around the neighboorhood "Bree, Bree, where are you?" " Come home Bree, don't play games." Jocelyn comes up behind me and puts an arm around my shoulder. I drop to my knees, I'm crying then I get up and call Niall's cell and say I'm in where can we find Jordyn and Bree? He tells me to meet him and Skylar at the hospital. I hop in my car.

Liam's P.O.V

     I wake up and look across of this boxed in room and see Jordyn and Bree. I hug Jordyn and she tell me everything that happened. "Great we're stuck here." I say. She laughs, and smiles "It's okay Liam, they are going to find us I know it." I love Jordyn she always has that attitude that everything is going to be okay. She never thinks the worse, she always hopes and thinks the best. In her mind she knows the best, and nothing but the best. So when I found out she was dating Niall, it was for the best. I grab her and pull her in close "I know sweetheart." She snuggles up close to me, and Bree is asleep on her shoulder. I let Jordyn fall asleep in my lap, and I pray to God almost into tears. I open my eyes and I know we will get out of here. I just hope and pray we get out of here fast enough. My eyes began to get heavy so I shut them and I have sweet dreams of Taylor in my mind. I hope she's alright.

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