Two Can Play at That Game

Treat me like a queen and I'll treat you like a king, but treat me like a game and I'll show you how it's played. ~ Jordan Marie Green


2. Chapter 2: Two Can Play at that Game

Jordan's P.O.V

  Niall runs away looking behind him to see if I was there. I really was. I stare  up into the sky thinking why does everyboy looks like an angel when really those boys are devils. I clench my fist and say not this time. He will never ever do this to me again. I get up and go to the mall.

     When I get there, I go up to the 4th floor where I love to buy my outfits from. This time I had a little help, I picked the most sexy outfit I could find and when I got home I had it on. Niall right there biting his fingernails nervous of what he has did with that Natalie girl. I smile and say "Do you like?" doing a spin, then I come to a stop. Niall comes up behind me and says "You look beautiful." He hugs me. His hands around my waist. The come apart when I look at him and say "Let's play a game."

"Like what?" he replies with a little chuckle

" Hmm I don't know what about we act like we are just friends, and who ever falls in love first  loses."

" Babe I don't want to_."

"I cut him off, ah ah ah I don't know you stranger." I walk out the door.

Niall's P.O.V

     I watch my supposively girlfriend walk out the door. Why were we playing this so- called GAME? Did she know about me and Natalie? No I'm sure of it, no one was there I checked twice. No wait not behind the truck. I have to go apologize to Jordan. I run out the door, and grab my keys they turn to start the car and I call driving down the road. I call my best friend Louis.

He answers.

" Hello?"

"Louis it's Niall I need you to find out where Jordan is right now."

" Well that's going to be hard she just stopped by here and said not to tell you where she was going."

" I don't care man just try."

" Alright, Alright I'll try Niall."

" Okay thanks bye."


Hangs up.

I pull over and bang my head on the wheel. I hate myself for absolutley doing this to Jordan. I mean what all did she see? The person I love gone for now. Gone. My true love. My face is puffy and redish pink. In my head she's there hugging me, kissing me, but when I open my eyes it's all over. I raise my head up and start to drive to all of Jordan's favorite places. Nothing. Then my Iphone rings. I answer it and it's Louis

Louis- Hey man I found her

Niall- Where is she?

Louis- She's at starbucks, but I don't think you wanna

Niall- (All I hear is starbucks and I hang up)

Louis- Hello Niall? Hello." Hangs up.

I drive to starbucks in the mall. I look, and look and I don't find her. Then I spot her. As I get closer she's with another guy. I cn here her laughing and him talking to her and smiling. Wow I guess Jordan really moved on. I look one last second then they kiss. That's it I leave. I have to gain confidence in myself so I decide to find me a date.

Jordan's P.O.V

     This new guy I met was pretty cute, he had the best personality almost like Niall's a cute laugh, a cute smile, no no stop it Jordan I can't fall in Love with Niall or I'll lose the game. As the night ends we kiss and I put my number in his back pocket and I head home without a car.

As I'm walking home I see a van parked it my driveway. I  ignore it then somebody attacks me from behind and I'm left screaming and thrown in the back of the van. Niall comes running out and I hear him scream "Jordan." I look back tears in my eyes. Then everything becomes a blurry mist and I'm left in the back of a some huge black van blacked out.


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