Afraid of Falling - Niall Horan Fanfiction

'Just keep running' I kept telling myself, ' just keep running and don't look back'. As I ran, I thought about the events of the last hour and felt my eyes begin to fill with small droplets of water before I ended up on the floor.

When 16 year old Tegan hides from her fears, she runs. But what will she do when she experiences a feeling completely new to her, a feeling that she doesn't quite understand, a feeling that her past makes her afraid of...


18. Understanding

Harry's POV:

I watched as Niall ran offstage, probably not knowing where he was going, before noticing Liam beckon us together into a huddle at the front of the stage, Zayn looking confused.
We all made sure our mic's were unable to project our voices as we decided on our next move.
"What's going on?" Zayn asked.
"Niall's not exactly.....coping." Louis replied quietly.
"Oh. So what do we do now?"
"Any ideas?" Lou asked us all.
"We can't continue without him, it wouldn't work and it wouldn't be the same." Liam concluded, "we'll have to-" Liam began before Paul's hushed voice interrupted us.
"Have any of you got any idea where Niall might be? No one can find him."
All of us shook our heads in unison, but at that point we all knew what we had to do. We gave each other one last reassuring glance before turning to face the silent crowd, Liam speaking on all our behalves.
"Guys, we're really sorry but we can't continue without Niall. He's erm, not feeling very well. Niall is a massive part of this band and we hope you can understand why we can't carry on."
Following Liam's words, whispers and murmurs erupted from our audience. It was hard to make out what they were saying, but all four of our minds were focused on finding out the whereabouts of our best friend.
"We hope we can see you all again soon! Bye Guys!" Liam continued as we all gave a quick wave to our audience before rushing offstage.

Louis POV:

"How long has he been gone for?" I asked Paul as the four of us, Paul, Eleanor, Danielle, Perrie, Lou and the band congregated in our dressing room.
"Not long, but we can't find him anywhere." Paul replied, "We're all going to have to split and look for him; he can't have gone far."
With no other spoken words we all paired up and began our search for Niall.


"We've checked everywhere we can think of!" Eleanor sighed as we stood outside the building, breathing in the cool air clearing our heads.
"He must be still here, his car's still over there." I replied as I glanced over to Niall's black Range Rover parked in the far corner of the car park. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a small smile grow on El's face before I turned my head to face her.
"Exactly." She said simply, taking hold of my hand and guiding me through the dark over to Niall's car.
Unable to see through the blacked out windows, El and I pulled open the passenger door to find Niall in the drivers seat, his head buried in his hands. I climbed into the car, El opening one of the rear doors and jumping in, and closed the door behind me, eventually turning to face Niall.
"You want to go home?" I asked, not wanting to linger on the subject of his emotions, and wrapped my arm around him.
Niall nodded into my shoulder, sighing before we both got out of the car and switched seats, Niall resting his head against the cool window.
"El, call Liam and tell him let them know we found him." I asked her gently as I turned on the ignition and pulled out of the packed car park.
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