Afraid of Falling - Niall Horan Fanfiction

'Just keep running' I kept telling myself, ' just keep running and don't look back'. As I ran, I thought about the events of the last hour and felt my eyes begin to fill with small droplets of water before I ended up on the floor.

When 16 year old Tegan hides from her fears, she runs. But what will she do when she experiences a feeling completely new to her, a feeling that she doesn't quite understand, a feeling that her past makes her afraid of...


3. Shopping


Tegan's POV:

I opened my eyes and blinked as my eyes adjusted to the light. I reached over to my phone and checked the time, 9:04. Oh no, Eleanor would be here in less than an hour and I wasn't even out of bed yet. I put my phone on charge, grabbed a clean pair of jeans, my navy hoodie, my burgundy Ramones t-shirt and what I called my 'converse' and threw them all on. I cleaned my teeth, brushed my hair and put a little bit of mascara on as I never really liked wearing lots of makeup. I went back over to my phone, it was 9:40 and I had a text from Eleanor.


On my way x

I unplugged my phone and walked to the kitchen where Zayn and Louis sat at the island eating toast.

"T!" Louis exclaimed, "Did you sleep well?"

"Like a log!" I laughed. I made a coffee and sat at the island next to Zayn. "El told me your at the studio today?"

"Yeah" Zayn replied "we're working on our next album" he said this with pride in his voice.

"Hey Tegan!" I heard a voice from behind me say. I turned to see who it was; it was El.

"Hey!" I said, hugging her.

"How was your sleep?" She asked.

"Good" I smiled.

She walked over to Louis and hugged him.

"I missed you" she said.

He hugged her back and replied, "I missed you too" planting a kiss of her forehead.

"I'll see you later" she said, squeezing his hand. He smiled. "Let's go Tegan!".

When we got to the shopping centre, we headed straight for Starbucks; we both had caramel creme frappuchinos and sat for a while, sipping our ice cold drinks, before we headed to Topshop. We spent a while in there until I eventually picked out two pairs of skinny jeans; burgundy and dark blue, an ivory coloured chiffon shirt, a light blue hoodie, a blue sleeveless top that had a Peter Pan collar, and a dark red sleeveless top that had a scalloped edge. I began to walk over to the till when Eleanor stopped me.

"Tegan, give them to me."

"What, why?" I asked, confused.

"I'm under strict orders from Lou, to let him pay for any clothes you want. He noticed you didn't really have any other clothes apart from the ones in your bag." She replied, smiling honestly.

"No, it's ok. I have money."

"No Tegan, save your money. Lou insisted"

"I don't really have a choice, do I?" I sighed.

"Nope" she popped the 'p' and smiled as she took the pile of clothes from my hands and paid. We left the shop and slowly walked towards River Island talking about how Eleanor met Louis. We spent what seemed like ages in River Island until I picked out some Aztec print leggings, a long cream knitted jumper, a cream cable knitted jumper, high waisted denim shorts, a blue bikini and a pair of grey sweatpants. I reluctantly handed the clothes over to Eleanor and she paid for them. She walked back over to me and handed me the bag.

"I feel so guilty" I sighed.

"Why?" She asked.

"Because I've just come along, practically invaded the boys' space while they're insanely busy, and now Louis is buying me clothes."

"Tegan, you haven't invaded their space at all. They trust you. They wouldn't have asked you to stay if they had thought otherwise."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm positive" she said with a smile.

I sighed "okay".

We wandered around the centre for a while, trying on clothes and messing about. I bought 3 more pairs of pyjamas before we headed into boots. I scanned the aisles looking for shampoo and shower gel. I picked out a raspberry shampoo and some shower gel and Eleanor held her hands out to take the stuff so she could pay for them.

"Nope, I'm paying for these" I said.

"No it's ok"

"Please, it's only shampoo and shower gel"

She gave in and lowered her hands, "okay"

I smiled at my triumph and Eleanor laughed. After I had paid, we found a little bench outside and sat down. I pulled out my phone and looked at the little screen. '1 new Message' it said. It was from Niall.


Hope your having a good time with El :) x


I am thanks, you too :) x

After I replied I stuffed my phone back in my pocket and turned to El.

"Thank you so much for bringing me here. It's been such a good day."

"It's ok" she replied hugging me. "I think we should be heading back now though, it's half four!". I nodded as we stood up and made our way back to her car.

We pulled up into the drive and carried the bags to the door. El rummaged through her bag and found her keys before opening the door. We were greeted by five boys charging towards us and wrapping us both in tight hugs. I pulled away from Louis' hug and smiled at him, "Thank you so much for buying the clothes today, I'm really grateful." It was true though, I couldn't thank him enough.

"Right, who's for Pizza?!" Liam asked.

"Me!" I shouted and El laughed with the boys. I was starving; I hadn't eaten all day.

"Menus are in the kitchen and we're ordering in ten minutes." Liam replied as he and he boys began to walk towards the kitchen.

I turned to Eleanor, "would you mind ordering for me while I put my stuff away?"

"That's fine, what do you want?"

"Just a small pepperoni please"

She smiled, "okay". I carried my bags back to my room and set them down on the bed before starting to sort them all into my wardrobe. I then went into the bathroom, cleaned my teeth and splashed my face with cold water before leaving my room and finding El and the boys in the kitchen already eating the pizza. 'That was fast' I thought. I took the last remaining seat between Harry and Niall and dug into my pizza.

"How was the studio?" I asked.

"It was great" Liam replied, "we managed to get so much recording done!" The rest of the boys nodded in agreement. By the time I had finished my pizza, Niall had managed to eat two pizzas, both of them nearly twice the size of mine, bearing in mind, mine was about the size of a dinner plate. Where on earth did that boy put all that food?!

"TRUTH OR DARE!!!!!!" Louis screamed and the boys cheered. We all walked into the living room and Sat in a circle on the floor with Eleanor on one side of me and Harry on the other. El leaned over and whispered to me, "we've landed ourselves in it now. This is truth or direction style..." I looked back at her confused but she just grinned back at me.

"I'll go first!" Louis raised his hand.

"Zayn, truth or dare?"

"Erm - dare?"

"I dare you to open a packet of ice cubes, pour as many down your boxers as you can and squirt whipped cream in your hair" Zayn's expression was priceless. He reluctantly got up and got a packet of ice cubes and whipped cream from the fridge and followed the Louis' instructions.

"Oh my god this is mental!" he cried after pouring the ice cubes down his trousers.

"AND THE WHIPPED CREAM!" Louis prompted. Zayn slowly lifted the cream to his hair, scrunched his face and pressed the button down.

"We'll done bro" Louis said smirking as he leant over and pulled the cream through his hair.

"LOU!" He cried as he went to get up.

"No, you can't wash it out until after!" Lou laughed.



Zayn sighed and sat back down. He thought for a moment before he made his decision and looked at Harry. "Harry, truth or dare."

".....dare?" He said grinning.

"Harry, I dare you to......lick cream off Tegan's neck". My jaw dropped and Zayn laughed. Harry looked at me, asking to continue so I nodded. He picked up the can and edged towards me as I pulled my hair away from one side of my neck and flinched as I felt the cold cream connect with my neck. Harry ran his rough tongue up the side of my neck before planting a kiss just below my ear. As he pulled away, I blushed forcing his face into a grin while all the boys cheered and Zayn wolf whistled- except for Niall; he had a small smile on his face but stared at the floor; he looked upset. Harry sat back down next to me and began to speak.

"Liam, truth or dare?" Harry asked.


"Have you ever had a dirty dream about someone?"

Liam's expression was hilarious.

"Maybe.." He mumbled, looking sheepish.

"Who!!" The boys cheered.

"I'm not telling you! That wasn't in the question!"

"Fine." Zayn replied, looking smug. The game ended soon after and we all decided to go to bed. I began walking towards my room when Harry stopped me.

"Goodnight Tegan" he said quietly. I could feel his face edging closer towards mine; he stared into my eyes and I looked at the floor.

"Goodnight Harry" I replied quickly, turning and walking towards my room, closing the door behind me. What the hell just happened?! I got changed into my pyjamas, washed my face, brushed my teeth and tied my hair into a messy bun. I slid into bed and drifted off to sleep.

"Hey sweetcheeks"

"Please don't call me that. What are you doing here?"

"I'm here for something I never got. Scream and I will hurt you...."

I woke up and sat bolt upright in bed, trying to slow my breathing; the vivid images of David still fresh in my mind. I stood up, opened my door and walked to the kitchen. It was dark but I didn't bother turning on the light. I opened the fridge door and examined the contents. I spotted a 2 litre bottle of coke and pulled it out. I reached out to close the fridge door and jumped, nearly dropping the bottle when I heard a voice from behind me.

"Found what you're looking for?"

I turned round and Saw Niall sitting at the island eating toast.

"You scared the hell out of me!" he laughed at my reply as I poured a glass of the coke and sat beside him. "How come your in here then?" I asked him.

"I got hungry" he said simply, "what about you?"

"I couldn't sleep" I lied. We sat there in silence for a moment before Niall dipped his finger in the peanut butter. "What are you--?" I realised what he was going to do but it was too late to move. I scrunched my face as he dotted the spread on the end of my nose. I sat there for a moment with my mouth fixed into a straight line before I turned to look at him, "Right.!!" I declared as I dipped my finger into the jar. I chased him around the island multiple times until I managed to smear the butter across the side of his face. He grinned as he reached for the jar again, "No! We're even now!" I protested. He paused for a moment before setting the jar back down on the work-surface and I breathed a sigh of relief as we both sat back down. I swiped my finger over my nose and licked the peanut butter off my finger; he did the same with the side of his face. My mind began to wander and I remembered my dream; my expression must have changed because Niall spoke up,

"What's wrong?" He asked

"Nothing" I replied.


I nodded. He looked down into my eyes and my stomach filled with butterflies.

"I'm always here if you need me" he reassured me, wrapping one arm around me and pulling me close; I rested my head on his shoulder. I breathed in his warm smell and sighed.

"I think we should be getting back to bed" he said, sounding slightly reluctant; I nodded, still leaning on his shoulder. He kissed the top of my head gently, driving the butterflies in my stomach crazy, and released his arm from me. I stood up and put my glass in the sink before walking back over to him and hugging him.

"Goodnight Niall" I sighed.

"Night Tegan" he replied, hugging me back.

As I walked back to my room I couldn't stop thinking about how warm Niall was and his cute little crooked smile. I replayed the scene in the kitchen over and over again in my head, smiling at every thought. I remembered how he kissed the top of my ever so gently and how It drove the butterflies wild. 

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