Afraid of Falling - Niall Horan Fanfiction

'Just keep running' I kept telling myself, ' just keep running and don't look back'. As I ran, I thought about the events of the last hour and felt my eyes begin to fill with small droplets of water before I ended up on the floor.

When 16 year old Tegan hides from her fears, she runs. But what will she do when she experiences a feeling completely new to her, a feeling that she doesn't quite understand, a feeling that her past makes her afraid of...


7. Pedal Boats


"Tegan," a gentle voice murmured. I felt a hand on my arm but I kept my eyes closed, " Tegan, your coming with Niall and I today."  

I opened my eyes and smiled when I saw Eleanor sat on the end of my bed. "Morning birthday girl!" 

"Wha-? How did-?" 

"When you were in the hospital they needed your date of birth..."  

"Oh." I realised she meant the note I kept in my purse. The last thing I had that reminded me of my mum. Tomorrow, it would be a year since my mum died. I breathed deeply and focused on today.  

"So-" I began to speak but I was cut short when my door swung open and I saw Louis charging towards me followed by Harry, Zayn, Niall and Liam.  

"PRESENTS!!" Lou cried jumping onto the bed. They all seemed to be holding objects of various sizes wrapped in wrapping paper.  

"Oh no" I said as I buried my head in the duvet. I always found birthdays really awkward. I lifted my head from the covers as Louis pushed a large rectangular box towards me, 

"Mine first!" 

I took the box and began to peel back the paper, revealing the brown box inside. As I tore off more of the paper I began to see the bold, black writing on the side; it read, 'TOMS'. I lifted the lid and pulled out the pair of brand new, blue, size 6 TOMS.  

"Aww, thank you Lou" I said smiling before placing the shoes back in the box and hugging him. I pulled away as El handed me a small, wrapped box. I carefully removed the paper and opened the navy box. Inside was a delicate silver necklace. On the end of the chain hung a tiny, porcelain dragonfly, intricately surrounded by tiny silver leaves and lilies. I held it up to the light and examined it closer. Tiny crystals glistened in the light. 

"Thank you so much El," I said as I hugged her, "It's beautiful" 

"It's ok, she replied, smiling. 

I barely had time to breathe before yet another small, but slightly larger than the last, box was forced upon me. 

"This one's from Harry, Zayn and I." Liam said, pointing towards the box. I unwrapped the present and raised my eyebrows when I saw what was inside; a brand new, black iPhone 4.  

"Thank you so much boys, this is" I didn't know what to say I gave them each a hug and pulled away when I felt Niall tap on my shoulder. He held out a little package and I took it from him, starting to open the paper. Beneath the paper there was a little navy blue, velvet bag. I carefully pulled it open and took out its contents. Inside was a blue braided bracelet, with a toggle similar to a links one. On one side of the toggle was engraved  

'Love Niall' 

"Niall, it's beautiful" I said as I tightened the bracelet around my wrist. I hugged him, "Thank you". 

"Your welcome" he replied as I pulled away.  

"Right boys, out," El said as she ushered Louis and the boys out of the room, "leave Tegan to get dressed." Eleanor closed the door behind her and I picked up my new phone. It was so different compared to my old little brick. I looked through the contacts and saw that Eleanor and the boys' numbers were already there. They must have kept my old number because there was already all my old contacts on there. I placed the phone down on the table next to me and stood up before grabbing a pair of jeans and and a top and having a shower.  

I got changed and left my hair loose before slipping my new bracelet back on my wrist, picking up my phone and walking down the hallway into the kitchen. The room smelled like a roadside cafe; pancakes, full English, toast. I checked the time; 9:47. I sat down in between Zayn and Eleanor and grabbed half a slice of toast.  

"Do you want pancakes?" Liam asked me, just about to pour more pancake mix into the pan.  

"Yes please!" I finished the last mouthful of toast and turned to Eleanor, "Where are we going today?" 

"No where in particular, just out I guess" 

"Ahh ok."  

Minutes later, Liam served up three pancakes with maple syrup and bacon, and a full english for Niall. It smelled so good! I cut a piece of the pancake and tried it. 

"These are so good!" 

"Glad you're enjoying them!" Liam replied. I smiled as I devoured the remaining pancakes and bacon. 

"Thank you for that, Liam." 

"Your welcome!"  

"Are you ready to go?" Asked Eleanor. 

"Yeah, ready when you are." I said smiling. El stood up and said goodbye to Louis. Niall stood up and I followed suit. All three of us walked over to the door, 

"See you later!" Niall yelled. 


We stepped through the front door and walked out into the fresh air.  

"Where first?" I asked. 

"I was thinking Greggs?" Niall rubbing his hands together. 

"Greggs? You've just had a full English Niall!" I laughed. 

"Yeah, but you can't beat a Greggs sausage roll!" 

Eleanor sighed, "Come on then", and we began the walk into town. 

It took us about 20 minutes to walk there; it would have taken us longer if Niall hadn't been almost legging it, El and I struggling to keep up with him. 

Greggs was filled with middle aged looking men and women, probably on their coffee breaks. 

"Three sausage rolls please" Niall asked the guy at the till. The cashier handed over three small brown bags as Niall paid. We sat down at one of the little tables and I bit into my sausage roll. 

"This is good stuff!" I said, already finishing half of it. 

"Have you never had one before?" Eleanor asked.  

"No" I shook my head, "So how come Harry, Zayn, Lou and Liam aren't coming with us?" 

"Erm...they have work to do..."  

"Oh, ok," I finished the snack and turned to Niall and El, "Where next?" I asked. They both looked at each other, gins growing on their faces, 

"PEDAL BOATS!" They cried, gaining strange, annoyed looks from the people at other tables. I buried my face in my hands and laughed. All three of us made our way towards the doors and walked the 10 minutes to the park, where there was row boat and pedal boat hire. Niall hired one of the pedal boats and we all climbed in, rocking the boat violently as we did.  

"Me and Tegan pedal first, Niall, you steer!" Cried El, jumping into one one of the seats at the front. I sat next to her and began to pedal. We stayed like this for a while before I turned to Niall. 

"Fancy swa-" I was cut short and my jaw dropped as the water splashed my face and I saw Niall sitting behind me, grinning. 

I paused before replying,  

"Its on Horan!", splashing him back with a face full of water. He dipped his hand back into the water, ready to splash me again. He brought his hand out of the water, aiming for me, but I ducked out of the way at the last minute, making Niall splash El, who was sitting in shock behind me.  

"Right," she announced, "Tegan, are you ready?!" We both put our hands in the water, preparing our attack. "3...2...GO!" She cried. We absolutely drenched Niall, his hair was soaking wet. Eleanor and I edged our hands back towards the water, threatening to strike again.  

"Ready for round two?" El coaxed, her fingertips just touching the water. Niall threw his hands up in defeat, 

"You win!" 

El and I laughed as he lowered his hands, just before ruffling his damp hair. I clambered back into one of the front seats as Niall hopped into the seat next to me and we pedalled back to the dock. We got out one by one, Niall first, then Eleanor, then me, and spotted an ice cream stand.  

"Ooh, ice cream!" I said. We walked over to the stall and ordered three 99's before finding a quiet spot on the grass to sit down.  

"Have you got Twitter?" Niall asked, picking the flake out of his ice cream and devouring it.  


"Right, pass me your phone."  

I raised one eyebrow and hesitantly gave him my phone. He opened what looked like a twitter app and did something I couldn't see. He handed me back my phone and pulled out his. He had just made me a twitter account. A notification popped up on my screen, 

'@NiallOfficial now follows you.' I pressed 'ok' and saw that I also had a mention, ' @NiallOfficial: go follow @TeganH, she's new to twitter!'. Eleanor followed me too and within the minute I had more than 300 followers; wow. I put my phone away and hugged Niall before finishing my ice cream, 

"Thank you Nialler!" 

"No problem." He replied, giving me one of his warm hugs. Just as he pulled away he grinned at me and and tapped my shoulder, "It!", he jumped up and began slowly backing away, still grinning. I looked over at El who had also stood up and was edging away from me. I stood up and paused, before lunging towards El, tapping her arm. I stood there laughing before I realised El was 'it'. Too late; she had already tagged me again. The smile vanished from my face and I just stood there, staring at her. I saw Niall out of the corner of my eye, in fits of laughter. No way was he gonna stand there and laugh at me. I sprinted in his direction but when he realised I was after him, he spun on his heels and ran for it.  

"I'm gonna get you Horan!" I cried still charging toward him as he began to slow down. The last few strides I began to propel myself into the air, jumping on his back, sending us both crashing to the ground. I looked up and saw Niall's face close to mine; I could feel his warm breath against my face. He stood up and held out his hand to help me up. I took his hand and pulled myself up, brushing myself off.  

"How do you run so fast?!" El smiled walking over to us. I shrugged and gave her a hug. 

What's the time?" Niall asked.  

"4:49! It's not even dark yet!" Eleanor protested, "we're gonna have to head home."  

Niall nodded and began to walk, El and I following next to him. We slowly walked home, laughing about our little day out.

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