Afraid of Falling - Niall Horan Fanfiction

'Just keep running' I kept telling myself, ' just keep running and don't look back'. As I ran, I thought about the events of the last hour and felt my eyes begin to fill with small droplets of water before I ended up on the floor.

When 16 year old Tegan hides from her fears, she runs. But what will she do when she experiences a feeling completely new to her, a feeling that she doesn't quite understand, a feeling that her past makes her afraid of...


10. Mario Kart


[A/N: I know it's really short and terrible (hate filler chapters!), will update ASAP! Please keep commenting and voting and fanning, it gives me much more enthusiasm to write more of I know your reading it and enjoying it - and I know authors notes are annoying....sorry!]

"Fine!" he placed me back on the ground next my stool and we both took our seats back. 

"One, full English breakfast for the lady." Liam announced. 

"Thanks Liam" 

"No problem." 

After breakfast, I walked upstairs to my room, picking out a clean set of clothes and having a shower.  

I stepped out of the shower and changed into the clothes before towel drying my hair until it was just damp, it wouldn't be too long before it dried completely. I stood in front of the mirror and made sure I looked okay before making my way back downstairs.

All the boys were now dressed and sat either on the sofa or on the floor in front of the tv, Louis, Harry and Zayn playing Mario Kart. 

"Hey! You started without me!" 

Louis laughed, "Ya snooze ya lose!" 

I jumped on the sofa between him and Harry, 

"Oh you just wait til I play against you!" 

The three boys were nearing the end of the race with Harry and Louis battling for first place and Zayn not far behind.  

"Fine Haz, you win!" Louis announced. 

"But the race hasn't even finished yet?" Harry stopped steering his character and looked at Lou with a confused look on his face. Lou's grin began to grow bigger and bigger until he threw his arms up in the air, 

"I WIN!" Lou screeched followed by Zayn, 

"Ha ha, second!" 

Lou patted Harry on the shoulder whilst giving him his famous cheeky grin, 

"Never let your guard down mate!" 

Harry just sat there bewildered, pointing at the tv.  

"Close your mouth Harry before something flies in there!" I laughed, grabbing the controller from him, "Yoink! My turn! Louis, Liam...prepare to lose!" 

"It's on like donkey kong!" Liam cheered, choosing his character, Donkey Kong. Louis chose Luigi and I picked Toad.





The race started off with Louis in first, Liam in second and me trailing closely behind in third. 

"Looks like I'm not going to be the one losing now, does it?!" Louis smirked as we began the third and last lap of the track. I sat there with a smile growing on my face and said nothing. When there was only half of the track left, I put my plan into action; I sped past both Liam and Louis, putting myself into first place and crossing the finish line, leaving the two boys speechless, Louis, expression was priceless. 

"Looks like I'm not going to be the one losing now, does it?" I mocked, standing up and taking a comedy now to my gobsmacked audience. 

"Bu- But?" Louis stuttered. 

"Yes Lou?" I grinned. 

"How-?" Louis just shook his head, still in awe. 

"Who's next?!" I asked. 

"Game on!" Said Zayn, taking hold of Lou's controller, Harry taking Liam's. 

In total I won 7 out of 8 games, losing my 5th one due to the fact that Louis practically shoved a banana up my nose just before the finish line.  

"We are the champions...!" I began to sing, well, shout whilst taking a comedy lap of honour around the living room. "Beaten by a girl Lou, how does it feel?" I held the remote up to his face like an interviewer, gaining long glare from him. I couldn't help but notice Niall trying to contain his laughter. 

"I'll get you back, Harris." Lou smirked. 

It was too much for Niall, he collapsed on the floor, rolling in fits of laughter, the boys laughing with him soon after.  

I missed Niall's laugh and his accent, his little crooked smile and his bright blue orbs. Even though 'it' only happened last night, we hadn't spoken to each other since.

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