Liv has confessed her love for the mysterious Harry Styles, but he didn't care. Until Liv starts seeing the new guy at school. Why does Harry only want Liv when she is taken?


5. Worst day ever?

We walked into the front door to see Louis watching television. "Hey how was your day?" Louis asked muting his show. "I had a great day," Niall responded with a smile. Louis turned to me. I shrugged, "it was ok."

I began walking to my room and heard Niall's footsteps behind me. "So really," he said, "how was your day?" I plopped down face first on my bed and started screaming. It was muffled by the pillow. I looked up to see Niall sitting on my beanbag chair laughing at me. "I just had the worst day ever and now your laughing at me," I snapped. He instantley stopped laughing, "what happened?" I explained what had happened with Harry during class and how Liam was away. He smiled, "well it's a good thing you have a friend like me to cheer you up." I rolled my eyes and heard my phone buzz in my bag. "Can you get that?" I asked Niall. He reached into my bag and took out my phone. "Who is it?" I questioned seeing his confused face. He looked up, "Harry."

I didn't even know Harry had my number. The only reason I had his was because Niall had it. I got off the bed and grabbed the phone out of his hands. I opened the message, "hey beautiful. can we talk? -Harry." My fingers danced over the keypad before I responded, "sure." I got a response with a time and place. He wanted to meet in thirty minutes. I looked up to a confused Niall. "He wants to talk. Can you come with me?" I said. "Sure," he said before wrapping his arms around me in a hug.

*Harry's POV*

I nervously waited for her to show up. I stills had no clue what I was going to say. There was so much I wanted to say but knew I couldn't. I finally saw her. I got up from my seat on the bench and walked over to her. I stopped when I saw Niall behind her. What was he doing here? We finally met. Her eyes not being able to face me. "Hi harry," Niall said with a smile. "Hey," I muttered. Liv turned around to face Niall. "Can you wait over there?"

She whispered. He nodded and then went to sit on the bench where I was sitting before. She crossed her arms over her chest waiting for me to say something. "I um," I took a breath, "I'm sorry." She looked at me questioning my statement, "for what?" I hesitated, "everything."

I wrapped my arms around her small body. She fidgeted but then I could feel her arms around my waist. She leaned her head into my chest and I could feel my shirt getting wet. I lifted up her chin to see her eyes now red with tears. I leaned into to kiss her but she pulled away. "I can't, " she said through tears. I realized that Niall was now standing next to us. She grabbed his hand and walked away leaving me there by myself.

*Niall's POV*

I hated it when she cried. "You okay Liv?" I asked. "I actually feel a lot better then I did," she almost laughed. "Well considering recent events I decided you could pick the movie tonight," I said. She rolled her eyes at me, "ok then I want to watch........ Toy Story." I nodded, "I will accept that choice."

We reached her house and sitting on the doorstep was Liam. Her eyes lit up as she ran up to him. "I thought you were on vacation," she said before hugging him. He laughed, "I decided to come home early. So you want to do something." "Oh," she said, "actually Niall and I are having a movie night." I laughed, "why don't you invite him to watch the movie with us?" She stuck her tongue out at me. "I was going to," she turned to Liam, "you want to watch with us." "It depends what movie?" He smiled. "Toy Story," she said. "I love that movie," he exclaimed. "Let's go inside then," I suggested. Liam was good for Liv she needed him.

*Liv's POV*

We were in the middle of the movie when Louis came home. "Who is this?" He questioned eyeing Liam. I smiled, "oh you probably remember him from yesterday." Louis stared at Liam for a minute before sitting in between us. He turned to Liam, "hi I'm Liv's brother and if you hurt her I will hurt you." Liam laughed nervously, "I'll make sure not to do that then." "Good," Louis said before turning to watch the movie.

I walked Liam out to his car. "I'm sorry about my brother he is kind of protective of me." He laughed, "well atleast he has nothing to worry about with me. I would never hurt you." At that moment someone who wasn't going to hurt me was all I needed. I began to move my head closer to his and closed my eyes. Finally our lips touched. The kiss was great. His lips were soft and he knew what he was doing. We pulled apart. He smiled, "see you soon." "Not soon enough," I said before pulling him in for another kiss.

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