Liv has confessed her love for the mysterious Harry Styles, but he didn't care. Until Liv starts seeing the new guy at school. Why does Harry only want Liv when she is taken?


3. The date

We pulled up to my favorite restaurant. "How did you know?" I questioned. He laughed, "I can't give away my secrets." He parked near the door and we got out. He took my hand as we walked inside. "Payne. Table for two," he told the lady at the front desk. We were led to a small table in the middle of the room. Liam helped me into my chair and then sat down at the one across. The waitress took our drink orders and then left. We were finally alone. "You look gorgeous," he said. "Thanks," I smiled. "So you know what I realized," Liam questioned, "I don't know anything about you." I laughed, "except my favorite restaurant and I know even less about you," I added. "Well I guess were going to have to change that," he said. Our conversation was interrupted by the waitress asking for our orders.

After she was done I excused myself to the bathroom. I noticed I was the only one in the room. I looked into the mirror and noticed my face looked a little pale. I began to apply the foundation I had left in my purse. I soon hear the door open and close behind me. Then I heard a click. I ignored it and continued to fix my makeup when I saw the person who had walked in in the mirror. My jaw dropped, "Harry!"

"Hello, beautiful," he said as he made his way towards me. "Harry what are you doing in the girls bathroom?" I questioned. "Looking for you," he responded with a smile. He was now only inches away from me, but continued to move closer. His large hands cupped my face as he moved his head closer. Finally, our lips touched. It was better then when we kissed when we were drunk. He lifted me to sit on the counter. His lips guiding mine through the actions. Suddenly, I heard a knock on the door. I pulled away from him his green eyes filled with shock. "I have to go," I said and began to walk away. He grabbed my wrist, but I was able to pull away from his tight grip. I heard a crash but kept walking out to where Liam was tears streaming down my face. Stood up as I walked over, "what's wr" "Liam can we go," I interupted. He nodded and we made our way to the exit.

"I'm sorry," I said as we began to drive away. He smiled, "it's ok. Can you atleast tell me what happened?" More tears started to come down my face, "I can't tell you, I'm sorry." I leaned my head against the cold window and looked outside. I had no clue where we were. "Where are we going?" I asked. "I can't tell you, I'm sorry," he responded. I laughed. It felt good to laugh. We pulled up a closed arcade. He put his finger over his mouth telling me to be quiet. We got out of the car and walked to the front door I tried to talk a few times, but each time he shushed me. He looked around to make sure the coast was clear before he reached into a flower pot next to the building and pulled out a key.

The inside looked like it hadn't been used in years. All the games except for one was covered. We walked over to the uncovered one and he pressed one of its buttons. It sprung to life. It lit up and started playing loud music. I looked at him, "I thought we had to be quiet." He laughed, "you think people actually come near this part of town." I was confused didn't he just move here. He must have sensed it, "whenever I visited family here my cousins and I would come here and hang out. I nodded and looked at the game pacman. "I love this game," I said. "There that's one more thing I know about you. You love pacman." I laughed, "and I am guessing you like pacman too. Now we both know new things about eachother." "You know what I don't know about you," he said," what happened while you were in the bathroom." I turned to him and shook my head. "I'm sorry. Do you want to play," he gestured toward the game. "Sure," I said. I pressed the play button and began to move the joystick. I died within thirty seconds. "That was pathetic," Liam laughed. I looked wat him, "well I never said I was good." We laughed for about twenty seconds until I stopped and looked at him, "there was a guy in the bathroom." His expression became serious. "And he started kissing me. The thing about this guy is," I gulped, "I loved him." "Loved," he questioned. I nodded, "I'm not sure if I do anymore."

After a few rounds of pacman we decided it was time to start heading back. Liam hadn't acted any differently after I told him what happened. It actually felt like we knew eachother better. "I've loved someone once," he said as we were droving back. I turned to him. He continued, " we dated for two years until she cheated on me. She broke my heart." We finally pulled up to my house. "Can I walk you to the door," he asked. "I would like that," I answered. We both got out of the car and header for the door. His head was centimeters away from mine, "goodnight gorgeous." "Goodnight Liam," I responded. His lips gently pecked mine before he turned around and made his way to car.

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