Liv has confessed her love for the mysterious Harry Styles, but he didn't care. Until Liv starts seeing the new guy at school. Why does Harry only want Liv when she is taken?


2. Perfect

"Who was that?" Niall asked as he sat down at the desk behind me. I turned around his blond hair looked extra blond today which meant he had just gotten it dyed again. I laughed, "what are you talking about?" I saw him roll his eyes, "the guy you were talking to before class." "Oh," I smiled, "that was Liam. He raised his eyebrow and stared at me. "Ugh stop were just going out tonight ok that's it," I said as I turned back around in my seat. I heard him laugh behind me. I moved my foot back and kicked him in the shin. He shut up.

After class Niall followed me to my locker."So tell me about this Liam. I need to make sure he is good enough for my little Livy," Niall patted my head. I glared at him. "Oh I get it," Niall nodded, " you don't want to talk about him. Fine I'll find information on him myself." He walked with his head held high and arms acrossed his chest.

I walked into history to see Niall talking to Liam. "Crap," I thought to myself which I must have accidently said out loud since the teacher gave me a stern look. I nervously walked over to them, "hey guys." They both looked up a huge smile came across Liam's face. Niall began to speak, "oh hey Livy I was just getting to know your new friend here." "Wow Niall that is great but I'm pretty sure your seat is over there," I pointed to the opposite side of the room. "I realize you two probably want to be alone," he winked. "Ha ha," I said, "now goodbye."

*Liam's POV*

"Sorry about that," she mumbled and took the seat next to me. "No it's fine. He was just telling me a story about you." I laughed. "Oh great," she said rolling her beautiful green eyes, "don't believe anything he tells you." "Oh," I sighed, "I was really hoping you still slept with your Teddy bear." Her eyes widened mortified. She turned around to the guy who approached me before. He smiled and waved at us. "You probably think I'm a loser now. I should just go," she began to get up. I stopped her, "actually I thought it was cute." She looked at me surprised, "really?" I nodded. She sat down again still looking embarrassed. Then a thought came to me. Who was this guy and how did he know so much about her? Why had he been in her bedroom? "Hey," she turned to me, " who is that guy anyway?" She laughed, "that creature you just met is named Niall. We have been bestfriends since we were two. He is like my brother." I sighed in relief. The teacher then motioned to us that it was time to start class. The whole time I starred at her gorgeous features. I couldn't wait till tonight.

*Liv's POV*

"Liv you've tried on like twenty outfits can you just pick one now," Niall asked annoyed. It's hard only having one friend especially when they are a guy. "Niall, I want tonight to go perfect and that starts with a perfect outfit," I replied. He rolled his eyes, "I'm sure this guy would rather you wear nothing." "Actually," I smiled, "I don't think he does. He is different." He snorted, "I'm sure. No offense Liv but you suck at picking guys. Let's remember your longtime love for a Mr. Harry Styles." I then realized I haven't thought about Harry since Liam asked me out. Maybe I was finally moving on. "Actually Niall I think this one picked me," I smiled. "Well I guess he gets points for that. I think you should wear this one," he said picking up the green and white dress I had already thrown on the ground. I held it up against my body. It was perfect.

I waited patiently by the door until I heard a knock. I opened the door to see Liam dressed up in a suit. He looked adorable. I smiled, "hey." "You ready to go?" He asked. I nodded and he took my hand. He led me out to his grey honda parked in my driveway. He opened the passenger door and he helped me get in. He ran to the other side of the car and hopped into the drivers seat. "So can you tell me were we are going now?" He smiled, "you'll see."

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