Liv has confessed her love for the mysterious Harry Styles, but he didn't care. Until Liv starts seeing the new guy at school. Why does Harry only want Liv when she is taken?


10. Love

I needed some time to process what I was seeing. Louis the guy who acted like a kid. The brother who tries to control me. The one who raised me is sitting on the couch making out with some girl. Am I missing something? My thoughts were interupted by my brother, "You ok Livy?"

I sttod there for a few seconds before responding, "I don't know. I am going to sleep now." Before anything else could be said I was in my room. I heard the front door close and I assumed it must be that Eve girl leaving.

I plopped down on my bed and found I was sitting on someone. "Oh my god Niall," I screamed. "Hey," Niall smiled. "May I ask what you are doing here?" I questioned. "Well," he paused, "I just don't want to not be there for you ever again. So I figured that I would just stop by every so often and see if you need to talk." "Actually today I need to," I sighed.

I told Niall about walking on on Louis and that girl and how I this was a whole different side then the Louis I was used to. He never talked about seeing anyone and even being interested in anyone. For a while I even thought he might not be interested in girls, but obviously he was. I was just so confused. "I mean I just walked in here with Liam and...Liam! I totally ditched him down there. I am the worst girlfriend," I shook my head. "Girlfriend?" Niall asked. "Yeah," I sighed, "he asked me to be his girlfriend and it is not starting off well." Niall smiled, "he is a good guy Livy he will understand." I tried to smile a little, "I hope your right." We were interupted when my brother came into my room. "I guess I will be going. See you tomorrow Liv," Niall stood up. "Bye Niall and next time try not to scare me to death when you want to talk," I laughed. Niall left the room and I turned to Louis. "I've been seeing Eve for two years," he said.

After Louis told me his love story with this Eve girl I started to understand a little better. I still didn't know why he didn't tell me, but atleast I knew who she was and how she fit into Louis' life. Things between them were actually pretty serious. I had trouble falling asleep that night since the wheels in my brain were still turning.

I waited by Liam's Locker right when I got to school that morning. As soon as I saw him I quickly tried to explain,"I am so sorry I was just kind of shocked yesturday and I didn't mean to just ditch you like that and I know I must be the worlds worst girlfriend but I really hope you don't break up with me because I really like you and I don't want something stupid I did to jeprodize that and I am really sorry so can you forgive me." He laughed, "are you done?". I nodded to out of breath to speak."I was never mad," he smiled, "I know you were just suprised about your brother." I sighed, "You have no idea how realived am to hear you saw that, but now I have to go to class." I gave Liam a quick peck and then ran to chemistry.

*Harry's POV*

I really thought Liv and I were making progress with our friendship. Apparently I was wrong. A million thoughts went through my mind as I made my way to chemistry. I was brought to reality when someone knocked into me. "Great," the hint of sarcasm in the voice told me who it was immediatly. "Liv," I mumbled. "Why did you come to my house yesturday?" she asked. I rolled my eyes, "I thought we were friends." "Listen Harry," she almost sounded quilty, "I don't think Liam would be happy with us being friends because of somethings I told him about you." I didn't really kow what she was talking about. What did she tell him about me? "What do you mean?" I asked. "Boys are so stupid," she mumbled. "I am sorry I can't read your mind." "Harry I told him that I loved you," she yelled.

We sat next to eachother awkwardly for the next hour until class was over. As soon as the bell rang she was out of her chair. I was still trying to understand what she had said. I had so many questions. Why did she tell him that she loved me? Did she mean it? Why did she love me? Does she still love me? I remember that time she told me she loved me, but I thought she was joking. I had so many questions and I knew I would not get the answer to most, but I could still try.


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