Liv has confessed her love for the mysterious Harry Styles, but he didn't care. Until Liv starts seeing the new guy at school. Why does Harry only want Liv when she is taken?


15. It's Complicated

*Liv's POV*

 What just happened? I walked the ten miles to my house deep in thought. He loved me. The boy I loved forever loved me back. I should be happy, but Liam.... Walking into the house I ignored Louis and Eve sitting on the  couch watching a movie. I could feel Louis' lecture coming about how late I was, but I made it to my room before he could start. One good thing about Eve is when she is here Louis isn't as protective. I knew he was to busy with her to come up and ask me why I was so late.

"Hello," Niall answered on the third ring. "He said he loved me," I spoke immediately. "I'm coming over," with that he hung up. Niall was at my house five minutes later. I heard Louis talking to him downstairs, but soon he was in my room. "So what are you going to do?" he asked. "I don't know," I thought for a moment, "do you think I should talk to Liam about it?" Niall looked at me for a moment before he spoke, "no."  "I really thought you were going to say yes," I laughed. "I was being honest," he smiled, "if you really want to tell him though then I can't tell you what to do." I took a breath, "I'll think about it."

The next morning Louis started sassing meabout how I should have been home sooner last night, but I was only half listening. I still didn't know what I was going to do. I also still have a lot of question. Not to mention stressing about what was going to happen when I saw Harry. The walk to school with Niall was silent. Both of us were thinking and didn't bother to start a conversation.

I went to science as soon as I got to school to avoid seeing Liam. I don't think I could face him right now. The bad part of going to science was that I would be with Harry. Luckily, when I got to science Harry wasn't there. He didn't show up for class at all, which I was happy about. I was standing by my locker when someones hands covered my eyes. "Guess who?" he whispered in my ear. "Hi Liam," I smiled. Maybe talking to him wouldn't be as bad as I thought. I turned to smiling face and laughed. "Why are you so happy?" I asked. "You'll find out later on our date tonight," he smirked.


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