Liv has confessed her love for the mysterious Harry Styles, but he didn't care. Until Liv starts seeing the new guy at school. Why does Harry only want Liv when she is taken?


11. I need to talk

*Liv's POV*

"Now is one of those times I need to talk," I pulled Niall into the nearest janitor's closet by his jacket hood. He readjusted his jacket, "you okay?" I began pacing back and forth in the small space. I sighed, "I was telling Harry why we couldn't be friends and I may have told him I loved him." "But that's not a big deal you told him that before," Niall stated. "I know," I paused, "but I was drunk then. He probably thought that is why I said it not that I really meant it, but now....." Niall was thinking. I could tell by his facial expression. Finally he spoke, "But if you love Harry why are you with Liam?" I laughed, "Liam is good for me and besides Harry obviously doesn't love me." "Don't you owe it to yourself to atleast find out if he does. If Harry loves you it doesn't mean you have to leave Liam either. I think it will just help clear things up," Niall finished.


Liam wrapped a blanket tight around me after I told him for the hundredth time I wasn't cold. "It's like 50 degrees in here. You are cold," he said. And I was. I had gone over Liam's house to watch a movie, but we couldn't find anything we were interested in. Instead we were going to make popcorn and play a board game. I waited patiently on the floor deciding which game piece I should pick."I call the turtle," Liam yelled from the kitchen. I decided to pick the cow and put both our game pieces at the start. Liam walked into the room with a bucket of popcorn.


"This game is messed up," I complained 15 spaces behind Liam, "you probably rigged it." Liam pointed to himself, "Me? I would never." I rolled my eyes, "I quit." Liam laughed, "You are just being a sore loser." "Am not," I argued back. "Sure," Liam smiled. "I know let's make hot chocolate," I said changing the subject. I got up and started making mway to the kitchen, blanket still tightly wrapped around me.


"What is this?" I asked Liam. I had been digging around for a teapot and came upon something I had never seen before. "It's an apple cutter," he laughed, "you've never used one?" I shook my head, "Let's just say Louis isn't big on kitchen supplies. I think we own a total of 5 plate."  "I'll show you how it works," Liam said. He walked over to the fridge and pulled out 2 apples. He placed the cutter on the apple and pushed down. The apple was cut into equal pieces. "Now you try," he smiled. I placed the tool carefully on the apple and pushed. Nothing happened. I tried again, but little damage was made to the apple. "I give up," I sighed. "Already?" Liam asked, "Come one I'll help you." Liam came behind me and placed his hand on mine. He began to push and soon the apple was cut. "See that wasn't that hard," Liam giggled. "Oh please I bet you rigged this too," I said. Liam wrapped his arms around my waist, "I would never." Then his lips crashed into mine.


"Why do they taste better like this?"I asked once Liam and I had finished both apples. "I don't taste a difference," he laughed, "it is still and apple." I rolled my eyes, "Apples are round and these are not round. Therefore I do not consider them apples." "That made no sense," Liam stated. "I know," I smiled. I looked up at the clock it was almost ten o'clock. "Louis is going to kill me," I cried, "Sorry Liam I got to go. See you tomorrow."  I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and was out the door.


"Where were you?" Louis asked as soon as I was inside. "I was at Liam's," I said shyly. "Liv we have talked about this before you can not stay out this late with a boy at his house," Louis said. I tried my most innocent face, "I'm sorry we lost track of" I was interupted by Eve walking into the room. I was now able to see all her feature better. She was very short and had brown eyes. Her wavy brown hair fell to around her shoulders. She walked over to Louis and put her small arms around his waste. "Come one Lou," she said, "she lost track of time no big deal." "I guess your right,"Louis smiled, "You should go to sleep now Livy." I think I might like Eve hanging around. 








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