Liv has confessed her love for the mysterious Harry Styles, but he didn't care. Until Liv starts seeing the new guy at school. Why does Harry only want Liv when she is taken?


20. Chosen

My heart was pounding as I walked up to the boy I had chosen. I was going to tell him how I felt and hopefully my feelings would be reciprocated.I had finally reached him at his locker and he seemed a little surprised to see me. "I have to tell you something," I began.

Niall had given me great advice and I was grateful to have him. Even if it didn't work out with the person I chose I would know I had made the right decision and that's all that matters. I also knew what I had to do before I told him I loved him. I had to tell the other that I wasn't choosing them. That speech consisted of telling the person how much I cared for them, but they weren't who I was meant to be with. This speech I was about to give would go a little differently since I would be professing my love for this person. 

I wasn't really nervous, but I probably should be. I don't know what they are going to say. After what I put them through I don't know if I would love me either. Maybe I wasn't nervous because I knew that who I was choosing was the right one.

Now was the time. I looked into his gorgeous eyes, "I chose you and only you." It took him a second to register what I was saying, but soon a wide grin spread on his face. He picked me up and kissed me. I was smiling so much it was starting to hurt. He said, "I know that before I may not have seemed like the good boyfriend type, but I won't be like I was before because I love you and I don't need anyone else." "I love you Harry," I smiled.


Author's note: That's the end yay!

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