Liv has confessed her love for the mysterious Harry Styles, but he didn't care. Until Liv starts seeing the new guy at school. Why does Harry only want Liv when she is taken?


12. Breakfast

Suprisingly, I woke up in a good mood. I had a great day yesterday, I wasn't yelled at to bad last night, and I didn't have a confusing dream about Harry. Actually it was about Liam. It was about my dream date. He took me to the beach where he had a picnic set up. It had all my favorite foods and there was soft music playing in the backround. We ate and talked for hours. We even got to see the sun set. It was perfect. And it was with Liam which to me was a good sign even if it was only a dream. I grabbed some jeans out of my dresser and a pink t-shirt. I carefully placed my hear in a bun and headed downstairs for breakfast.

I froze where I was when I saw Eve sitting at our table. It was one thing for this girl to be dating Lou, but to be spending the night and eating breakfast at our table. I saw Niall who was sitting in his usual seat look at me with a wondering glance. Eve was concentrated on eating and didn't notice me enter the room. I mouthed to Niall that it was time to go. He shrugged not understanding what I was saying. I motioned towards the door. Niall nodded and began to stand."Leaving already?" the small girl asked, "Liv hasn't even come down yet." Niall's eyes quickly found mine, "Um she had to get to school early. I forgot she is probably already at school." Eve satisfied with this lie went back to eating. Niall grabbed an apple before following me out the door.

"Here," he placed an apple in my hand. "They taste better cut into slices," I mumbled. "What?" he questioned. "Nevermind," I shook my head, "that was wierd." "Yeah her spending the night at your house. I wonder what Lou and her did all night." I shoved Niall blocking all the images trying to make there way into my mind, "Niall this is serious." He laughed, "you never imagined that Louis would meet a girl one day. That he might want to get married and have a family." I narrowed my eyes, "I'm his family." "You know what I mean Liv. You had to see this coming," Niall said. But I didn't.

I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was twelve and Lou was fifteen. Louis was in his room playing music to loud and I was reading on the couch. The phone started to ring. "Liv! Answer the phone!" Louis yelled above the music. I carefully placed my bookmark on the page I was reading and picked up the phone. "Hello," I said. "Is this the Tomlinson residence?" The voice asked. "Yes,"I replied, "and who are you?" "I am your aunt," she stuttered, "we have never met." "Why are you calling then," I was very curious of who this mysterious lady was. "I need you to pack your belongings and have your brother do the same,"she said stifly. "Why?"I asked angrily. I have never met this lady and she was telling me what to do. "I'll explain when I get there," then she hung up the phone. I walked into Louis' room and told him about the call. She pulled up to our house twenty minutes later. She sat us down on the couch and told us. Our parents were dead. There had been in a car accident and we were going to be living with her. The first night there I spent the entire time in my room crying. Louis walked in trying to act brave, but you could tell his eyes were red. He sat down next to me and I leaned my head into him, "Louis, we have no family left. This woman may have been mom's sister but she is not apart of our family." I began to cry more. Louis turned my head so I was facing him, "Liv we are family and we are the only family we need." I spent the next three years hating my "aunt" and as soon as Louis turned eighteen we moved out. He became my guardian. Like he said we were the only family we needed. Apparently until now.

When we finally got to school I was glad that only a few people were here since we arrived so early. I was not happy to see one of them was Harry. As soon as he spotted us he made his way over. "Hey Liv. Hey Niall,"  he smiled. I found myself starring at his smile for a long time. Still as gorgeous as ever. he must have noticed because he let out a small laugh. "You okay Liv?" He asked. "Yeah just thinking," I quickly responded. "It has been a rough morning," Niall added. He must have seen me starring too. I could see it in his eyes. "Uh Harry I was thinking I might want to give this friend thing another try so maybe we could try and hang out sometimes," I told him. He looke suprised, "I'll text you." "Ok,"I saidwith a half smile. He started to walk away to where he was before he came. "What was that?" Niall looked at me. "I am going to do what you suggested," I replied, "I am going to find out if Harry loves me."


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