Liv has confessed her love for the mysterious Harry Styles, but he didn't care. Until Liv starts seeing the new guy at school. Why does Harry only want Liv when she is taken?


17. 7 again

I sat in my bed staring at the ceiling. What is life? Why is it so complicated? I really don't know. I reached over and grabbed my phone to text Niall that i wasn't going to school today. I decided to do something productive and got dressed. I pulled on a pair of jean shorts and a white shirt. Louis was at Eve's house so I sat down at the table and ate breakfast by myself.

I heard the doorbell ring and went to go open it. Niall walked past me and began checking different rooms in my house. "Niall, what are you doing?" I asked him. "Liv tell me right now if someone beside you is in this house," he said. "Well you are," I responded, "Why?" "I thought you were being kidnapped or something," he told me. "Why would you think that?" I laughed. "I didn't believe that you were the one who sent me the text about not going to school. Livy you never miss school for anything," he said. "I am today," I said slightly insulted, "you should probablygo to school now." "He laughed, "No way. If you're having a ditch day so am I and I'm going to make sure we have fun."We walked back to Niall's house to go get his car, but he wouldn't tell me where he planned on driving us to.

"Niall why are we at the park?" I asked him. He looked at me suprised, "because the park is fun." "It was fun when I was 7," I said. "But do remeber how much less complicated life was when you were 7?" he questioned. He had a good point. When I was seven the hardest thing in my life was not being able to do everything Louis got to do. I suddenly missed being young.

He started running faster, but I was able to catch him. "you're it," I said tapping Niall on the arm. "I'm tired of this game," he said panting,"let's go on the swings next." I followed him as he walked over to the blue swing set. He took the higher swing so I was forced to use the shorter one which was almost touching the floor. We had already wenton the slide, monkey bars, sea saw, and a few other things at the park. It was suprisingly fun and I felt 7 again. "Thank you," I said to Niall. He smiled, "anything for my best friend." I laughed, "really, Niall, today was just I needed.''





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