Jenna Heins is currently being abused by her parents and wants to put an end to it so she runs away. 1 month later she has been knocking up alot of guys. one day she finds out that shes pregnant and she does a blood test. and she finds out the father of her baby is...... Louis Tomlinson.


1. the beginnig

 Hi i'm Jenna Heins. This all started when 3 months ago

flash back*

I was at a club and had a couple of drinks well..... you can say more than a couple. so I was really drunk and I was dancing till this guy came up to me and started dancing with me. He was really cute- maybe a little more than cute- okay, he was gorgeous, but I couldn't make out his face. Any way, he looked a little drunk but I could tell he new what he was doing, so we danced. Then, we went to his place. lets just say that night was amazing.

i woke up with a big hangover i looked down to see i was naked. I looked to my right to see none other than Louis Tomlinson. I had sex with Louis Tomlinson. I put on my clothes and left just like your supposed to during a one night stand.

*flash back over* 

Ever since then I have been throwing up and feeling nauseous, so I went to go see a doctor and the results came back... positive 

I was so shocked I couldn't believe I was going to be a mother. Fear was across my face I knew I had to tell him.


heey so this was my first no hate. well please don't hate me cause its short and if this goes well ill continue MWAHH!!



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