Jenna Heins is currently being abused by her parents and wants to put an end to it so she runs away. 1 month later she has been knocking up alot of guys. one day she finds out that shes pregnant and she does a blood test. and she finds out the father of her baby is...... Louis Tomlinson.


2. telling him.......

"Ughh" I say with my face buried into my pillow just wondering how the hell am I  suppose to show up at his flat and say Louis i'm pregnant with your baby. He's gonna think I'm just another crazy fan and say he never met me. "Ah! why me I haven't done nothing wrong." i say softly and let a sob slip out of my mouth.

I go on my laptop and bye a plane ticket to Doncaster. well i'm from Doncaster but i moved to the U.S.A 2 years ago...  I'm now 19. I already bought the ticket and I'm ready to go on.... Saturday!? but its friday... ehhh guess ill start packing.


I already packed and i am now about to aboard the plane any second now.

*several minutes later*

"flight to Doncaster Brighton is now boarding" the over speaker announces "finally!!" as I get on the plane I see a familiar face but i can't make it out.. I go look for my seat number to my surprise it's right next to him. "hey, love would you like the window seat" the person next to me says. He takes off his hood and with my luck its him, Louis Tomlinson. "oh shit." i whisper yell " whats wrong love?" he asks me  " Louis remember one night when you were at a club and you hooked up with a girl you know," I whispered "one night stand...?* I shyly asked. Did I mention I was shy? Oh well I did now. " uhhh how do you know about that?!" he whispered yelled like It  was supposed be a secret. " uhhh I'm that girl and you were that last one I slept with exactly 3 months ago and 21 days ago and that's exactly how old my baby is today!" I harshly say but didn't mean to sound rude like that. "how do I no your not just another fan faking?" he rudely says. well I guess I deserved that one. " well, I put on a slut act for a while but you were the last one I had sex with so.. I wanted to make sure and have a blood test so that's what I did and it was proven that it was your baby." I slightly say out of breath. he looks a little taken back, angry, happy, I don't know its all just mixed emotions


hey sorry i hadnt updated i was busy oh and im gonna have a question at the end for noww starting in chapter three well i hope to get more favorites well that is it love you guys MWAH!! 

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