Jenna Heins is currently being abused by her parents and wants to put an end to it so she runs away. 1 month later she has been knocking up alot of guys. one day she finds out that shes pregnant and she does a blood test. and she finds out the father of her baby is...... Louis Tomlinson.


4. Stay with us

Questions filled my head and the curiosity burned inside of me. What did he mean by my offer. ugh! I'm just gonna try and forget. I pulled out my carrier and took out my iPhone and plugged my head phones into it. I let a randome song play and slowly closed my eyes leaning my head back. I slowly started to drift off into a deep sleep


*time skip 5 hours later* 


soft oft whispers awaken me "hey....get up we've landed" Harry whispered closely. My eyes slowly open up and I groan at the sight at Louis and Harry all up in my face . I lazily lift my self up out of my seat and grab my carry on.  Slowly walking to the pick up bag area with Louis and Harry close behind me I wait till I see my bags.


a hot pick suitcase coughs my eye "found it" I mumbled under my breath and go to grab it. Still with Louis and Harry close behind my giggling up a storm. I roll my eyes and pickup my suitcase then turn to them "alright pleaser ta-" I cut myself off because it hasn't been a pleaser at all not one bit. Harry sighed and began to speak up "where are you going?" I shrugged "I guess I'll find a hotel somewhere" I said looking down at my shoes. "Nope you'll have to stay with me and lou" he offered. Louis eyes widen and he groaned.  I half smile "thanks but no thanks goodby guys" I hurriedly said turning around hiding a frown. The tears once again gathered in my eyes and a single tear sloped out. I quickly wiped it away. Harry quickly spun me around "no love, your gonna stay with us at least maybe till you are ready to be alone but right now you need someone to support you." He whispered in my ear quietly. Shivers ran down back and I pused him away "and how do you know that I don't have anyone else to support me because uhm I do" I lied "come on don't lie" Harry whined. I hesitated but nodded ok. "Yes! I'm glad you've excepted my offer!" He said. Ohhhhhhhh so that was his offer.. 







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