Jenna Heins is currently being abused by her parents and wants to put an end to it so she runs away. 1 month later she has been knocking up alot of guys. one day she finds out that shes pregnant and she does a blood test. and she finds out the father of her baby is...... Louis Tomlinson.


5. So I've deccided..

Soon after we all got our bags, A limo came to pick us up. Liam and Niall sad on the right side of the limo quietly giggling to some joke Liam had said. Harry and I sat around the middle, talking and laughing. Louis sat all alone to the left  with a long look on his face. "So, How are you feeling?" Harry asked me. "Right now, okay.." I mumbled, looking down at my lap. "Oh" He simply said. My hands were resting on my lap and the tears were slowly finding its way to my eyes. Harry rested his hand on top of mines.

"It's going to all be okay" Harry whispered in my ear. I wanted to believe him but I just couldn't. I sighed trying to smile the worlds best fake smile ever, nodding. Harry grinned "there you go!" he said. I softly giggle, leaning my head back and waiting for the next two hours to be over. I closed my eyes, slowly falling asleep 


*2 1/2 hours later* 

-Harry's P.O.V-

I kind of felt bad for Jenna. She's so pretty and she's having a baby at 19-- I mean, It's better than being 16 and in high school.. Even though I'm guessing she's in collage and that's also a bit- "Harry" a soft voice spoke. I swiftly turned my head to the left and look over at my best friend Louis.

"yeah?" I asked 

"I fucked up didn't I..?" He mumble, tearing up. It broke my heart to see him like this.

I nodded "you really did" 

"what am I going to tell Eleanor? Will she break up with me??" by now the ears were spilling out his eyes. "El loves you" I started "But, you'll have to let her think. All i can tell you is that she loves you. I love you. The boys love you and so do the fans. And we'll stay by your side. 


The limo stopped as the driver said "were here boys" Reffering to me and Lou.

I shook Jenna at an attempt to wake her. Her eyes fluttered open, showing a bright green with speckles of brown. I softly smiled "were here" she yawns and stepped out, grabbing her bag. I pushed her hand away. "let me" I said, grinning. She smiled and let go of her suit case. It wasn't heavy anyway. 


-Jenna's P.O.V-

I walked up to the front door of the flat. I sighed. Here goes the beginning of a whole new life time.


hey, little ducking. It's been a while, huh? hehe sorry I'll be updating more bc no life ;-;

you luh me though, right? no? oh *gets shoes thrown at me* ahhhhhhh!


hah I hoped you enjoyed it! 


Question: Don't wanna be reminded, don't want to be seen. Don't want to be without you, my judgement clouded like tonight sky" What song and who sung that part?



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