Jenna Heins is currently being abused by her parents and wants to put an end to it so she runs away. 1 month later she has been knocking up alot of guys. one day she finds out that shes pregnant and she does a blood test. and she finds out the father of her baby is...... Louis Tomlinson.


3. Rest of the ride

The Emotion on his face disappeared with just pure anger and hatred. "Why the hell should I care I have a girlfriend who I love very very much! We had a one night stand lots of crazy shit happens you just have to deal with it so goodbye and good luck" he harshly spit at me. And just like that he stood up and walked away to a new seat. Tears started to gather and we're brought to the rim if my eyes. "Why..m-me..?" I questioned my self over and over again. I rest my head against my plane window. i sighed and let a few tears loose. I heard some one sit in the seat right besides me. I sniffled and wiped the tears that have left my eyes away. A husky British accent filled my ears I turned my head and looked at the one and only harry styles. I sit back and sigh deeply. Waiting to maybe here a whole damn speech. "Look love Louis is just stressed and he's scared I mean who wouldn't be your pregnant with his child.." As I expected him to say that he did I rolled my eyes and tried to tune out the rest of his speech that he was currently giving me 


"so please don't be bratty and understand" he finished. My head shot towards him in a split second "your telling me to understand what he's going through?! Guess what curly I'm in far worse condition is he pregnant?! Is he having pains every now and then?! Does he throw up?! Get sickness?! Tierd more often?! Eaten more than he EVER has?! No all he had to is deal with the fact that he's gonna be a father!!" I repededly yelled at the curly haired boy on front of me I slumped beck on my seat and didn't bother to pay at tension to whatever he had to say. 


He he sighed and stood up from his seat "I hope you think about my offer" and with that he got up and left 


what offer??



hey I'm sorry it's been months since I've Ypres and it's short but I will be updating more from now on I love you all thanks for reading oh and here's the question for the chapter answer in the comments 


question: who in the band is afraid of spoons?

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