One day

Katie is abused. She wants a new life. When she finds a man,harry who treats her right that just might happen


2. When will this end

Katies p.o.v
I hate this! The worst part is the rapping . It used to hurt but now I'm used to it. Once he told me I was to fat to rape! I thought it was over with. That he was done. But no. He just didn't let me eat. I didn't eat for 19 days. Then I told him I would die soon if he didn't feed me. Now I eat 3 times a week! I'm always so weak. I want to know ware my parents went. I just want closer. When mark dose not bet me I have to steal beer and clean his mess. I've only been shopping 2 times since I moved in with him.

I sleep for like 5hours at night. Then he wakes me up and goes to his job. Well it's not really a job. He sells weed. But hey it pays the bills so its ok with me. He used to get high all the time but he quit. I wish he didn't. The beatings we less extreme when he was high. They still hurt but not as bad. Once I tried telling one of my teachers that he beats me so they called him into the school. Big mistake. He made me say that it was all a lie. I felt so stupid. Like I could never win. He was so smart. That was the night I got the worst beating of all. I ask myself this quotation all the time-when will this end?
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