One day

Katie is abused. She wants a new life. When she finds a man,harry who treats her right that just might happen


13. Time to spill:(

Liam's p.o.v
"You don't have to if your not ready" harry said in a kind voice. I wanted to know what he did to her so bad. I just wanted her to feel safe. I needed her to know that we were here for her. That I was here for her. She looked up at the sealing.
"Ok I might as well get it over with" she sighed."about four years ago I had a lot. I had a house friends,school,a good life." She smiled like she was thinking about a good memory."I had to do most stuff on my own and my parents did give me more then my share of chores." Her smile turned to a frown as she went on."I didn't know what I had until it was gone. My parents went on a two week vacation to Texas. They left me with my uncle mark. About a day after I was there he started to hit me.nothing made him happier then to come home and kick me until he was wore out. They started out small but grew over the days I was with him. After the two weeks were up I packed my things and waited but my parents never returned. About two years ago I tried to tell someone to help me. He was such a good lier. He made them believe I did it all to myself. That night was the night he shot me." She lifted her shirt and showed us all a scar. That was ware the bullet went into her body. Tears feel from my eyes but I didn't bother to whip them away. She traced over the scar with her fingers as she went on. "The beating only got worse. One night he can home drunk and he....he rapped me." She started to cry. Harry went and sat beside he and she cried into his chest. After a few minuets she calmed down. " he started that about last year.i was only sixteen for god sake! He would beat me until I couldn't even put a blanket on without it hurting. He would burn me. Light the gas stove and put my arm on it or some ware it really hurt. Him and his best friend. Well that at least what he called it. It was a knife. He cut my neck just enough so I could barely breath then he would heal me up. Just so he could do it again. A few weeks ago I had to steal him beer because he didn't want to pay for it. I got caught so he umm.. He hit with his car. And last night I ran away. I can't think of what he would do if he caught me."
"I will not let that happen!" I said
" I hope your right she said.

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