One day

Katie is abused. She wants a new life. When she finds a man,harry who treats her right that just might happen


6. Hospital time!

Katie's p.o.v
We had past my house on the way here. I didn't want mark to see me so I got on the floor and hid.

Liam carried me into the hospital.i was so light headed at this point." How may I help you?" A perky girl said from behind the counter. "I'm friend here is injured and needs medical attention!" He explained. She looked shocked when she looked up and saw them " yes..yes right away!" She cheered. I looked at him wondering why she acted that way he just shrugged it off so I did too.we waited about 5minuets and we got called to see the doctor. He carried me to a white room ware he sat me on a bed that was covered I paper. I tried to get comfortable but my injuries didn't allow me to.
Louis's p.o.v
I was in shock. Every thing went so fast! I had to tell the other boys. "I'm going to call the boys" I said to Liam he nodded but he didn't take his eyes off of Katie. She was really pretty but I had Eleanor. I wouldn't ever cheat on her. Never. I walked out of the room and called harry. "Bio bear!" He yelled. "Hey I'm at the hospital and I was wondering if you guys could all come here." " oh my god are you ok?" He asked " ya it's this girl me and Liam found this morning will you get the other boys and meat us here?" " ya see you in a bit." Then I hung up.
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