One day

Katie is abused. She wants a new life. When she finds a man,harry who treats her right that just might happen


4. Help

Louis' p.o.v
I walled around my flat to get to my car and got in it when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I got out of my car and walked next to it. That's when I realized it was a person! I looked closer then saw it was a girl with blood all over her. I didn't know what to do she wasn't moving so I panicked."Liam! Come quick I don't know what to do!" I screamed into my ringer.
Liam finally got here. He looked at me in shock." What do I do?" I asked almost crying. " is se dead" he asked almost unable to speak. " I-I don't know! Should we try to wake her up?" I asked unsure. He nodded slowly. We touched her side and the life came back to her.

Katie's p.o.v
I woke up to someone touching me. I flenched in pain at the poke. I looked around realizing that I did run away last night and it wasn't a dream. "Are you ok?" I herd a voice say behind me. I turned around to see to men. One wore a striped shirt and sun spenders and the other had a saved head and a birth mark on his neck. They had kind faces. They were trying to hold back the tiers with smiles. They were trying hard not to look scared. " oh..." I choked out. "I wouldn't want to troubles you but thanx" I said. I tried to get up but I feel straight back to the ground. " let us help you...please." The one with the saved head pleaded. "Umm... O-ok " said with that one of them picked me up. " I'm Liam " he said in my ear as he picked me up. I just nodded my head not thinking to tell him mine. I was getting help!
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