One day

Katie is abused. She wants a new life. When she finds a man,harry who treats her right that just might happen


12. Getting to know the boys

Katie's p.o.v
"You are supposed to eat three times a day!" The blond one said.
I looked at him so he would realize I already knew this. "So.. I know louis and Liam but what about you guys?" I tried to change the subject.

The curly haired one stood up im harry"
The black haired on stood up "zayn"
The blond one stood up "I'm Niall,Niall Horan" he said confidently. I laughed. "So are you guys like rich or something I mean this is a huge house!" I tried not to sound mean. They all looked at each other. "Well we are a little famous."harry finally spoke. "Oh" I said feeling like a idiot. "So do you want to tell us about yourself?" Zayn said.

Well I would have to tell the sometime I just didnt think it would be this soon. I looked down. "You don't have to if your not ready." Harry said but I knew it was killing him. He wanted to know now. It was time to spill.
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