One day

Katie is abused. She wants a new life. When she finds a man,harry who treats her right that just might happen


14. Awkward time

Harry's P.O.V. Wow she was really pretty. I can't believe that some one would do that. She was kinda mean at first but who wouldn't be!?. I'm just glad we can help. "So do you want to take a shower or.....would you just like to rest?" Louis said trying to change the mood. That was a hard topic for her to talk about. I cryed a little to myself but tryed to make sure she didn't see.

"Wow do I really smell that bad?"she laughed. "No you don't its just that you may want to! I didn't mean to offend you."Louis explained. "It's fine you didn't offend me and ya I would love to take a shower!" She cheered like it was the best thing ever. "Right this way!" Liam said getting up. She brought her bag upstairs with her. One of her bracelets moved and I saw what looked like cuts and scars. I didn't want to believe it but it was right in front of me. She noticed they moved and quickly shifted them so I couldn't see them anymore. None of the other boys seemed to notice. I would ask her about it later.
"So what now zayn mumbled. "TRUTH or DARE!" Louis yelled. "Ugh.. Fine but I want food.."Niall said. "So zayn truth or dare?"I asked. " about truth for the first one."
"*Cough*pussy*cough* ok then if Katie broke your mirror would you be pissed?" I asked. "No I guess not." He replied "Hazz truth or dare?" Louis asked "truth!" I replied knowing the dare would be bad. "Do you fancy Katie?" He asked wiggling his eyebrows. Oh god this is going to be bad....
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