One day

Katie is abused. She wants a new life. When she finds a man,harry who treats her right that just might happen


1. Long story

Katie's p.o.v
"I hate you!" I screamed at my uncle. Although I would soon regret saying it. By the way my uncle, mark, abuses me! And not just hitting and kicking, but also stabbing,burning, rapping, and once he shot me!

I herd stomping up the steps. Well this was the time I would regret saying I hate you. Just before I thought of anything to defend myself with he barged in. "What did you say?" He snarled. I couldn't ever smell beer on his breath with only made it worse because he would remember what he did to me. He had an evil look on his face. " nothing.....sorry" I managed to say. He slipped his hands on my Brest and I tried to step back but he wouldn't let me. Well it was that time of day. He rapped me about every 3 days. It sucked. Well I did but you know what I mean. I had just about know friends since 4 years ago. That's when my parents went on a vacation to Texas. They never came back. They left me at my uncles house when they were gone. They said they would come back but they didn't. I went to school two years ago but when kids started asking about scars and cut and bruises he took me out of it.
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