Two cities. Two months. Two boys. Two different lives. This story is about a girl called Heather. She has a decision of life ahead of her, but she doesn't know yet how hard it will be in the end. Will she choose the right way?

This is mixed fanfiction of One Direction and Emblem3, so hopefully you'll like it :) x


3. The flight.


“Do you really have to leave”, Keaton said eyes wet. I just nodded with tears streaming down my cheeks. I was standing in front of him in the LAX. He had driven me there and wanted to be with me till the last point he could before I needed to leave. He was holding me so tightly that I could barely breathe, but I didn’t mind it, I actually liked it. 
“The flight D9264 is now boarding on gate 37, passengers please move to the gate”, was said in the speakers. It was my flight and I needed to go. 
“I will miss you”, I said with all the power I had left of crying so much.
“It’s just two months, we can handle it”, Keaton said trying to comfort me. 
“Yea, I’ll call you on Skype when I get to the host-family”, I said giving him the last kiss for a long time. I didn’t want to let go, neither did Keaton. He held my hand tightly when I tried to leave to the gate. He pulled me back to give me a hug and quick kiss on my forehead. 
“I really have to go now”, I said pointing to the gate. He slowly let my hand go, waving me till I was gone of sight. I saw the tears finally coming out of his greyish eyes. I couldn’t help but cry as well. 

I stepped in to the airplane, I was travelling in the first class; my parents wanted me to feel as comfortable as possible for this long flight that I had ahead. I took my seat, which was next to the window, and so far there was no one sitting next to me which I was glad of, I couldn’t be bothered to show my sadness to anyone at that moment. I fell asleep crying before the whole plane was filled with people. I woke up when the plane started to speed for take-off. I opened my eyes widely, rubbing them a bit. I wasn’t wearing any mascara that day because I knew I would cry. I turned my look from the window to the airplane’s aisle, and I boggled a little when I noticed someone sitting next to me. 
“Good morning sleepyheads”, the person said. I rolled my eyes a little, but smiled for compliment. 
“Had a good sleep?” he continued. 
“I guess so”, I said and turned my face to look the plane finally rising away from the ground. I didn’t want to be rude, but yet I didn’t feel like talking. 
“I’m Harry”, the guy said and I saw him reaching his hand to shake mine from the corner of my eye. I turned to him smiling and took his hand to shake it.
“Heather”, I responded saying nothing else but my name. 
“Very nice to meet you Heather”, Harry said. He had a little similar hair with Keaton but much bigger and curler, darker as well. His eyes were bright green and he was dressed in a blazer, white t-shirt and beige chinos. He looked like any other guy who knew how to take a shower and dress well, but his smile was something unusual; every time he smiled even a little, two dimples appeared to his cheeks. I felt like I wanted to touch them, but I didn’t because it would have been suspicious. 
“So, are you living in the UK? Or why are you travelling there?” Harry asked, trying to make a little conversation with me. 
“No, I’m from L.A. And I’m going there for two months to work”, I explained smiling. 
“Oh yea I see, your accent isn’t British at all”, he chuckled. 
“From your accent I can guess you’re from the UK?” I asked. He nodded and started to explain how he lives in London and is on a band with four other guys, but they were having a small break from touring and concentrating on interviews and spending time with family and friends. 
“Where in the UK will you go working?” Harry asked curiously. 
“To London”, I answered. 
“Have you been overseas before?” He continued asking questions. 
“Never”, I said a little ashamed. 
“I could show you around London someday if you have some free time from work, like be some kind of a guide”, he said smiling but serious. 
“That’d be nice, I don’t really know the city at all”, I said happily to know even someone from where I was going and Harry seemed like he could be a good friend of mine. 

The flight went on and after getting to know Harry a little we both fell asleep, me leaning against the window and Harry leaning to his hand. I was having a dream of Keaton and how I was lying on our yard with him. I woke up when the plane was moved by the turbulence. I looked to Harry’s side and saw him still deeply asleep. I gently moved away from my seat to go to the bathroom and ask the flight attendants if they had anything to drink for me. I walked along the aisle and looked around me, seeing people playing with phones, working with laptops, reading and sleeping. After the few ten meters of walking I arrived to the bathroom and opened the door to step in. I locked the door and looked myself from the mirror. 
“Oh gosh, was I looking like this the all-time I had talked to Harry?” I thought to myself, fixing my look a little. 
I unlocked the bathroom door and stepped out without looking where I was going so I bumped into Harry’s arms. My face turned tomato red in seconds. 
“Whoa there, you ok?” Harry asked and let go of me. I nodded awkwardly, but didn’t say a word. I left Harry behind me and walked back to my seat. But when I was back there I remembered I needed to ask for something to drink, so I stood back up and walked back where I had come from. 
I passed the bathroom door quickly that I wouldn’t bump into Harry again. I got a water bottle for myself before returning back to my seat. Harry smiled at me when he came back to his seat. There was still an hour to go before we would start landing to the Heathrow airport. 
“Are you free tomorrow?” Harry asked breaking the awkward silence. 
“I think I am”, I said wondering if I was free. 
“Great! Can I show you around tomorrow?” he asked waiting for me to answer. 
“Yea, why not?” I said shrugging my shoulders. 
“Perfect”, Harry said smiling.

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