Two cities. Two months. Two boys. Two different lives. This story is about a girl called Heather. She has a decision of life ahead of her, but she doesn't know yet how hard it will be in the end. Will she choose the right way?

This is mixed fanfiction of One Direction and Emblem3, so hopefully you'll like it :) x


6. Hey, my name is Sara.


Little over two weeks had gone by since I last time spoke to Harry. Not that I cared. Or well to be honest, I actually cared, but I just didn’t want to admit it to myself. So far Harry had been the only friend of mine there. I had few mates from work, but I really hadn’t spent any time with them on my spare time. Most of my nights after work, I spent at home or walking around the city of London. I had taken few photos as well to make my photographing skills even better than they already were. I also had talked with Keaton via Skype few times, exactly every other day, but now I haven’t heard of him for four days, which is a long time. I still miss him like crazy, but I’m getting used to live here without him. 


It was a regular morning at work, when I was walking to the studio to make photo shoot background ready for today’s photo shoot. 

“Heather, could you move the sofa little bit to the right?” the photographer asked behind the camera. 

“Sure”, I said and pushed the sofa a little. 

“Who are we going to photograph today?” I asked curious, I liked to know if one of my favourite celebrities would be there. 

“A boy band called One Direction”, the photographer said while fixing the camera settings.

“Never heard”, I chuckled and left to get some tea for the members of One Direction. I went up to the small kitchen where were five cups with names on them waiting to be filled with tea. I lifted up the cups to take a closer look to the names.

“Niall, Louis, Zayn, Liam”, I started.

“Harry”, I finished moving my look from the name to the wall in front of me. 

“No it can’t be the Harry I know”, I chuckled and thought how silly I was for even thinking about the thought it could be Harry. Harry was just an average guy and not in a band, or at least he hadn’t mentioned it ever. 

I got the cups filled and walked back to the studio where the five lads of One Direction already were. I had my concentration on the teas, so I wouldn’t drop them off of the tray. All the cups were gone from the tray quickly expect Harry’s cup. I had my eyes on the cup when someone grabbed it with his big hands. I lifted my look to face Harry. 

“YOU!” I shouted almost dropping the tray.

“Hey”, Harry said smirking. 

“Boys, can you sit on the sofa? Louis goes on the right side, Niall next to Louis, then Zayn to the other side. Harry and Liam, can you sit on the armrests, please.” the photographer asked informing. Boys laid down their teacups and rushed to the sofa. I sat down behind the camera, right next to the computer where the photos appeared after taking. I felt little awkward for being there, because of Harry. Suddenly I realised why he had laughed on the car when I asked about singing. His career was already singing, but why didn’t he tell me that? 

As the photo shoot was moving on I noticed Harry making several looks on me. I sometimes tried to smile, even if the smile was always little awkward and forced.

“Thank you guys, let’s have a small break now before checking the photos”, the photographer said and left the studio. Harry walked towards me and I felt my hands starting to shake. I formed a small smile on my face before greeting him.

“I didn’t know this was the place you’re working in”, Harry said checking out the place. 

“Yeah… And I didn’t know you are in a band”, I said little sarcastically.

“Yea, well now you do”, Harry said touching his hair with his other hand. The other boys were hanging out together, and there were also some girls, probably their girlfriends or well at least it looked like that. Suddenly I saw someone rushing in to the studio, a girl. I excused Harry and walked towards her. 

“I’m sorry but people out of the company and the crew that is photographed is not allowed to come here”, I told her.

“Oh, haha you have understood wrong, I’m here for Harry, I’m his girlfriend”, the super energic girl said and showed her studio pass, which allowed people to come to the studio. I was shocked; Harry had kissed me even if he had a girlfriend. Or maybe he had got the girl during the time we didn’t talk, if so he was a quick in his moves. I made a questioning look to Harry before smiling back to the girl. 

“I’m Sara”, she said and shook my hand. 

“Heather”, I said back, forcing a smile and biting my teeth. I looked quickly at Harry again before leaving the studio for that day.

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