Two cities. Two months. Two boys. Two different lives. This story is about a girl called Heather. She has a decision of life ahead of her, but she doesn't know yet how hard it will be in the end. Will she choose the right way?

This is mixed fanfiction of One Direction and Emblem3, so hopefully you'll like it :) x


1. Dark figure in the night.


The lights appeared out of the dark. I stood on the sidewalk, watching the lights coming closer and closer. It was warm night of June and I was enjoying the moment. Soon the lights were at the end of the block and I saw dark figure stepping out of the car. The car passed me and I noticed it was a taxi. The dark figure started walking towards me and a light smile formed to my lips. My smile grew bigger the closer the person came. When the person was only few meters away the street light lighted up the person’s face. I saw him smiling widely, looking at me. 
“Hey there”, he said with a kind voice.
“Hey”, I responded still smiling.
“Missed me?” He asked jokingly. I couldn’t get any words out of my mind. I just started nodding like crazy with a tear streaming down my cheek. He took a step closer and wrapped his arms around me.
“Don’t worry babe, I’m here now”, he said with comforting voice and kissed my forehead.
“I know, these are just tears of happiness”, I said lifting my look to face his almost grey-looking eyes. He was smiling; I knew he was happy to see me too.

It had been two months since I last time saw him. Now I got him back for a while before it was my time to be away from home. I would be sent to London to work in a photographing company. I was really looking forward to it, but I would really miss my friends and family here in Los Angeles. And especially I would miss my 1.5 years boyfriend Keaton. He just came back from New York, since he had attempted to this singing competition with his brother Wesley and friend Drew. They had done well there which I was proud of, but two months was a long time to be apart from each other. Since he was such a ladies man, I was little worried, but I knew he would be faithful to me. Now I’d be gone for two months, July and August, so it would take the whole summer.

I walked inside my house, Keaton next to me holding his hand on my shoulders.

“You know, I’m really happy that we can spend this week together before you need to leave to London”, Keaton said as we stepped inside to my house. I smiled to him as I took my shoes off. I took his hand and led him in to my room. I sat him down to my bed and kissed him softly.

“Stay there”, I said and walked out of my room peeking to look at him over my shoulder. Keaton looked at me with a confused look, but I just simply smirked and walked out. I quickly ran to the kitchen and opened the fridge and took out the chocolate cheese cake I had made for Keaton’s birthday, which would be during the time I was in London. I lighted up the candles on the cake and walked slowly back to my room. When I stepped in I almost dropped the cake; Keaton had the biggest package wrapped on party paper in front of him. He was standing behind it, trying not to smile too much. I laid down the cake on my table and walked next to Keaton, watching the package with my mouth and eyes fully open.

“What’s this?” I asked curiously and surprised.

“It’s something for you”, he said smirking. I looked at him with a questioning look.

“For me?! But how? Where did this come from?” I asked still surprised it was for me.

“Your mom helped me a little and brought it here little earlier”, he said smiling widely.

“Of course… Can I open it?” I said not taking my eyes off of the package. Keaton chuckled and put his hand on my shoulder.

“Go ahead”, he said smiling before sitting back down on my bed. I quickly started to open the package, but I stopped when I heard a quiet, yet high voice. I made a quick look on Keaton, who just smiled. I shrugged my shoulders and continued opening the package.

“Oh My Gosh Keaton”, were the only words I got out of my mouth when I saw what he had got me. I lifted a small, brown and fluffy puppy out of the package and hugged it gently. The puppy started to lick my face and I sat down next to Keaton, still holding the puppy on my lap.

“Thank you so much, you know I’ve always wanted a puppy!” I said and gave a soft peck on his lips. After that he turned his look to the cake and he started pointing at it with his head:

“What’s that for?”

“Oh yea, it’s a birthday cake for you that I made”, I said and let the puppy down before getting up from the bed. I picked up the cake and returned to sit next to Keaton.

“Happy early birthday!” I said, forming a little awkward smile to my face.

“Thank you honey, you’re on time”, he said chuckling before smiling and kissing my cheek. He blew up the candles before taking a huge piece of the cake to his plate that I had brought to him. He took a small piece of it to his hand when I didn’t see. I played with the puppy and suddenly I felt Keaton smashing a part of the chocolate cake to my face.

“No, you don’t know what you got yourself in to”, I said trying to act like I was mad. I stood up quickly taking a piece of the cake to smash it back to his face. Keaton stood up quicker than me and started running around the house, me following him with the cake. He ran from my room to the kitchen and from there to living room. Finally he ran outside to our yard when I got him. We fell down to the ground, me sitting on top of him so he couldn’t move. I smashed the cake to his cheek and started messing it around his beautiful face. We both laughed like maniacs. Keaton took my hands and pulled me down, so he could kiss me. After the kiss he pulled me against his chest so he could hold me tightly.

“You don’t even realise how much I’ve missed you and how much I will miss you when you’re gone”, he whispered to my brunette hair which has little bit of blonde in it.

“I missed you too, but I don’t know if I have time to miss you in London because of the puppy”, I said jokingly and winked to him. He just pulled me into tighter hug and kissed my forehead.

“Do you want to name the puppy so every single time I’m with it I will remember you?” I asked now looking in to Keaton’s eyes.

“Just call it Boss, because I’m a boss”, he said, laughing to his own joke.

“Boss it is then”, I said laughing. Keaton turned me around so that I would lie next to him on the ground. He kissed me one last time before getting up and helping me up as well. 

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