Our Little Secret (Louis Fanfic)

*They don't know what we do best. It's between me and you, Our Little Secret.* -They Don't Know About Us by One Direction
Ava has a troubling background. Her dad killed her mom and ran away. She was left there. But Liam finds her and his family takes her in. Now she has a new home, new surroundings, and a new life. After a year, she is still not well adjusted. Liam will still have nightmares about the day her found her too. So he invited the guys over to try and help her get better and more comfortable. Kinda like a personal therapy session. But one of Liam's friends falls for her. Will she ever break her shell? How will Liam feel about his friend's feelings?


1. Prologue



<Liam's P.O.V>

I was sitting outside this cute little bed&breakfast my family decided to stop at last night. We're on our way home from vacation when Dad got tired of driving. We stopped to spend the night in a small town. It was very nice except there were some homes that scared me a little.  There is one across the street. It was kinda muggy looking and just didn't look safe. I knew people lived there because I seen them outside last night. It was an older man and woman. They were fighting for what seemed like forever. I swear they were so loud they could wake up the entire neighborhood. 

The morning after we stayed, mom and dad were still asleep so I decided to get some fresh air and read out on the patio. It was relaxing until I heard a bunch of screaming and shouting. Once again, it was coming from across the street. 

They were screaming at each other, calling each other horrible names, and it's not a good thing to hear. Out of no where, I heard a girl scream. Followed by gun shots. 

I jumped right out of my chair. I'm surprised I didn't have a heart attack. I watched as the man ran out of the house, jump in his old, beat up car, and speed away. I got really scared and worried that someone might be hurt so I went to check the house out. 

He left the door open so I walked straight inside. The first thing I see is a woman lying in the floor. 


I gasped at the sight and that's when I heard the whimpering. It was coming from behind the couch. I slowly and cautiously walked over there. There was where she sat. 

She was crying her eyes out and had her face buried into her knees. She looked up at me with a scared expression in her face. Her long brown hair was matted in knots and her bright blue eyes filled with depression and sadness. It broke my heart to see her like that. Yet I still felt her pain. I knelt down beside her and held her close. 

"Please help me" 


I jerked awake and gasped for air. I was drenched in sweat from head to toe. My eyes fluttered fast and I took aware that I was in my room. Phew. It was just a dream. The same dream that haunts me in my sleep. This has been going on for the past year. The horrible images from that day just repeated themselves every single night. A day I really did not want to relive. From seeing the woman lying on the floor, dead, to seeing the horrible expressions from Ava. Ava, that is her name. It all just haunted me. 

I crawled out of bed and slowly crept over to the room next to mine. I opened the door to find her lying there. She was asleep. I smiled. the same brown hair flowed in perfect waves down her face. She looked so peaceful. I walked over to her and laid next to her. She quickly snuggled up to me like she always does when she's asleep. 

"Liam..." She said.

"Shh, Ava. Go back to sleep." 


So this is the prologue! Tell me if you find it interesting and I will post more of the story! Much love. x 


P.S. The boys are not famous in this fan fic! 


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