Our Little Secret (Louis Fanfic)

*They don't know what we do best. It's between me and you, Our Little Secret.* -They Don't Know About Us by One Direction
Ava has a troubling background. Her dad killed her mom and ran away. She was left there. But Liam finds her and his family takes her in. Now she has a new home, new surroundings, and a new life. After a year, she is still not well adjusted. Liam will still have nightmares about the day her found her too. So he invited the guys over to try and help her get better and more comfortable. Kinda like a personal therapy session. But one of Liam's friends falls for her. Will she ever break her shell? How will Liam feel about his friend's feelings?


2. Chapter 1


<Ava's P.O.V>

"I'll be back at 3 o'clock. Okay?" Liam said while giving me a kiss on my temple. I nodded and took a bite of my muffin.He was off to go hang out with some friends and like always, I refused to go. "You know if you change your mind, you have time to get dressed." He asked before leaving. I shook my head once more and sat on the couch. I heard him sigh and then leave. 

Every time Liam would go out with his friends, he would ask me to come. I would always refuse and he would be disappointed each time. It's not that I didn't want to go, okay well I didn't. I don't like to be around people. Ever since my dad shot my mom dead, I never felt myself again. I would only open up to Liam. I rather be bottled up and alone than saying a simple 'hi' to someone. 

I always felt bad for Liam. He is still scarred from that day. He rescued me. I was so lucky he happened to show up when he did. His parent's were nice enough to take me in. When my dad ran out, I thought I was done for. But no, I was so lucky to have a family this great and let alone be alive. He couldve shot me as well but he didn't. 

As usual when Liam went out, I went to my room and read a book. I love to read. It was about the only thing I did. I've read through the Harry Potter books about 7 times and I was working on my 8th time. That was within the last year, too. There's gotta be something I do with me life rather than just sit. I don't talk to new people. I especially hates talking to guys of any kind. Ever since my dad... I hardly talk to anyone. 

I woke up to the sound of the front door opening and closing. I didn't even realize I fell asleep while reading. I let out a big yawn and stretched. I quickly tied my hair into a high pony. I was still only wearing a big t-shirt that I slept in last night with some underwear. I figured it was just Liam anyway. 

"Leyummmm, I need new books to read." I said galloping down the stairs but immediately froze. Liam was sitting on the couches with four other guys. I assumed they were his friends. 

I started to feel sick to my stomach. They were all looking at me. It was to much and I wanted to run. But I remained frozen. 

"Hello, love." One of them said. He had brown hair, swished to the side and bright blue eyes. 

"Ava...are you okay?" Liam said walking over to me. "It's okay...they aren't going to hurt you." He tried to comfort me. But I remain still and then...black. 


"Ava! Ava, wake up!" Liam said while shaking me. I flickered my eyes open and seen Liam hovering over me. He sighed a sigh of relief. 

"Is she awake?" I heard an Irish boy say. I looked up to find a blond hair, blue eyes boy sitting on the couch. He was with the others. 

"Ava, they aren't gonna hurt you. I promise. If they do anything, I will hurt them." He said taking my face and making me look him in the eyes. "You hear me?" I nodded my head slowly and he helped me off the ground. I relaxed a little but I still didn't wanna be here. 

"We're not gonna do anything, Liam." A dark haired boy with dark eyes said. 

"I know that but she doesn't" I heard Liam whisper obviously trying not to let me hear but miserably failed. He led me to sit next to him on the small couch. One that could only fit me and him. Well, it could fit more if you squeezed. "Ava...these are my friends." He said. 

"Hey, Ava. Sorry for startling you earlier. I'm Louis." The boy with brown hair and blue eyes said. He smiled at me so I gave him a weak one in return. I didn't want to be rude. 

"I'm Niall. You don't need to be scared of me." He said with a laugh but I didn't find him funny. He slowly died his laughter and Liam shot him a dirty look. It became awkward after that. 

"Uh...I'm Harry." A boy with massive brown curly hair and green eyes said. He smiled showing off his dimples. I gave him a smile in return because I had dimples just like him. Mine were better. I chuckled slightly at my joke. 

"Zayn." The dark haired boy said. 

Alright. That's over. I'm feeling a little comfortable now that I was sitting next to Liam. As long as he was here to protect me. I felt Liam wrap his arm around me and give me a squeeze. I always liked his comforting hugs. 

"Hi... I'm Ava." I managed to say. 

<Liam's P.O.V>

"I'm going to the bathroom" Ava whispered to me as she got up and hurried out the room. All at once the guys looked at me waiting for answers. I told them about Ava just not what happned to her. They know we adopted her last year but I told them that she came from a family friend's house. 

"Okay, listen here." I said quickly and quietly. "Ava's not a family friend. She has a rough background. A very scary background. You guys need to help her feel safe and comfortable. Otherwise, she's never gonna get better. She needs our help and that's why I invited you here." I said all at once. 

They nodded slowly. "What exactly happened?" Harry asked. 

"I can't explain right now. But I will soon." I said. "And if any of you even think about going after her...Harry...I will formally kill you in your sleep. Got it?" Harry looked slightly offended but they all nodded again and she came back downstairs. I gave her a smile as she sat next to me. I just pray to God this will work out. 


<Ava's P.O.V> 

I came back from the bathroom and the guys decided on watching a movie. Toy Story. I smiled. It was Liam's idea. Liam and I both love Toy Story. The third one is my favorite. 

I skipped on over and sat next to Liam. I leaned on his shoulder like I did every movie we watched together. He's the closest thing I have to a best friend and a brother. I sat next to Liam on the very end of the couch. Zayn sat on the other side of Liam and Niall sat next to Zayn. Harry and Lou sat on the smaller couch. We were enjoying the movie and I, for once, didn't feel uncomfortable. Until I felt someone staring at me.

I looked to see Harry looking at me. I met his eyes and quickly looked back to the movie. I snuggled closer to Liam and he wrapped his arm around me. He obviously noticed my actions and gave Harry a look. His friends are so creepy. 

About half way through the movie I fell asleep on Liam's shoulder. I woke up and the screen was blue since the movie was over. I looked at Liam and he was asleep. He stirred a little and I thought he was having another nightmare but the corners of his mouth broke out into a small smile. I sighed and smiled. Zayn was asleep on Niall's shoulder. Harry was laying across out living room table.

"Well, that's strange.."I mumbled to myself. Louis was no where in the room. 

I got up and walked to the kitchen to get some water. Louis was in there pouring himself some cereal. I froze again. 

"Oh hey, Ava." He said while opening all kinda of drawers. "Where do you guys keep you spoons at in this place?" I didn't answer him. Instead I just stared. He looked at me confused for a moment but then caught on. "It's okay. I'm not gonna do anything. I promise." He said with a smile and his eyes fixed on mine. For some reason, I believed him. I just didn't know why. A pointed to a basket on top of the fridge. He grabbed it and got out a spoon. "Ah thanks, love." He said and started eating his cereal. "You know, it's weird that Liam is scared of spoons. If anything, I would be scared of a fork!" Louis said even though I have yet to talk to him back. But that comment made me laugh slightly. This cause him to smile but still look at his food. 

I was a lot calmer now. It's like all those worried just flew away. I even worked up a bit of a nerve to go sit across from Louis at the table. 

"You know you can talk to me." he said. 

"I-I'm just a bit..shy.." I said quietly. 

He chuckled slightly. Why was he chuckling?! I don't think it's very funny! He wouldn't either if he knew what happened to me! 

"You don't have to be. At least with me. I'm probably one of the most outgoing people you will ever meet!" He shouted. Not in an angry manner but more..excited? I didn't like yelling so I winced a little when he got louder. He must have noticed because he went back to his calmer self. "Sorry.." He said quickly. 

I nodded my head. 

"Soooo...Ava..." He started. I took my gaze from the table and looked up at him. He looked at me at the same time and our eyes locked. My heart started to race. But not like I was scared. It was...different. I wasn't exactly sure what it was. He awkwardly looked back down. "Uh..." 

"Hey guys!" Liam said trotting in but stopped and stared at the table. I followed his eyes and seen that he was staring at the spoon. I busted out laughing which made Louis jump a little. It was like the loudest I have laughed in a while. I didn't even find it that funny. Maybe it was because of what happened earlier with Louis. I picked up the spoon and Liam jumped behind Louis. 

"I'm not gonna throw it at you, Li!" I said laughing. I always found it a little funny but not this funny. I threw the spoon in the sink and he relaxed. "I'm gonna go upstairs and change." I said when I realized I was still only wearing a t-shirt. I gave Liam a hug and ran upstairs. 

<Liam's P.O.V> 

She threw the spoon in the sink and I let out a sigh of relief. "I'm gonna go upstairs and change." She cheerily said and sipped off after giving me a hug. That was strange. I guess my being scared of spoons put her in a good mood. 

"Uh...Well that was weird." I said. Louis nodded but didn't look at me. "What's wrong, mate?" I said. 

He looked up at me kinda surprised like he just gotten pulled out of a day dream. "Oh, uh, nothing. I gotta get going now. I got stuff to do at home" He said fast and got up to leave. I followed him to the living room. "Come on, Haz. We're leaving." He smacked Harry in the back of the head and he shot up. 

"I'm awake! I'm awake!" He yelled causing Niall and Zayn to wake up. 

"What's with all the shouting?!" A very sleepy Zayn said. 

"Bye Liam! We'll see you tomorrow!" Louis called and Harry followed him out the door. I was about to stop them but they left before I could. What's gotten into him? 

"Yeah, I better get going too." Zayn said yawning.

 I sighed. "Okay. You wanna stay tonight, Niall?" I asked. 

"Sure! As long as you have food." The Irish boy cheered. 

I laughed. "Of course!"


Well...I decided to post the first chapter for you all. Just so you can read it and tell me if you want more. :) It's get way more interesting than this. I promise! Just let me know if you want more chapters. :) 

-Jess <3 

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