As long as you love me

this is about a girl who is shy and scared of the world and people then she falls in in love and she opens up because of him and finds out stuff she never knew


5. Who is she?

Aprils P.O.V

So i woke up and said but i didnt mean to ' Hey Babe its time to go to find my book' FUCK i thought im not with dog im with justin

' okay babe wait im mean April ' Justin Said and i smiled then kissed him on the cheek :D

' Its okay i called you babe to so we are even ' i said kinda sad that we werent dating...'Hey do you want to go to Starbucks today?'-Justin said 'whats Stabucks?' -i said ' I'll suprise you ' Justin Said grabbing some clothes and i just sat there i had to get changed into the same clothes so i waited for justin to leave the room because im really shy with my body!

Justins P.O.V

so i left an came back and she was changed so we left with the boys because they wanted to come and we saw Austin on the way there then we stopped at Starbucks me and April were holding hands because she was scared so i held her hand back then came Selena Fuck i saw her but i didnt let go of Aprils hand i had real feelings for her and not Selena i hate Jelena i want to have a cute couple name with April :D i should ask her out im gonna infront of Selena okay Selena is walking in perfect :D

Aprils P.O.V

So me and all 6 boys were sitting down and Justin was getting me a drink and i wasnt even talking to the boys but then Justin came back and told me to stand up then flash backs came flying back about Rob beating me with a belt i had a scared look on my face so justin said ' you can trust me i wont hurt you i cross my heart and promise on Avalannas spirit which is how i knew i could trust him so i stood up and then he went down on one knee and pulled a necklace out that said his and he had one on that said hers and he said ' April well you dont have a last name so any way im not gonna lie im in love with you and all you little things' then out of the blue one direction started to sing that song with justin like is this high school musical. I dont think it is but im smileing and i know it, when they were done Justin asked me out then Some crazy girl come up to me and slapped me i dont feel that safe anymore so i ran and locked myself in the bathroom and didnt come out till i knew it was safe.......... about half an hour later i was still in there then someone knocked on the door . ' who is it' i asked scared ' My name is Destiny and i need you to come out so i can  go to the bathroom' some girl named Destiny said i asked if i could stay in but not look because i dont want to go out and she said yes but when she came in she hugged me and started to cry and her face and arms were bursed.  After she was done hugging me she told me everything till she said Robs name then i said ' Wait Rob, Rob Smith?' 'Yeah thats my dad wait how do you know him?' she asked with a weird look on her face  ' well i guess we are sisters then wait do you have any pictures of you when you were a baby because i have two different baby pictures of someone i dont know who it is though?!' i asked really fast ' Yeah lets go see those pictures and we can go right now if you want' ' Can i trust you with all my heart because i have trust problems?' ' yes you can trust me but there are boys waiting for you ' ' i know well lets go get them' ' k' was the last thing we said in the bathroom then we left and went to the falls i didnt talk to Justin or any of the boys but then out of no where Justin came up to me and kissed me on the lips for a long time and said 'im sorry for what that  girl did but you know you can trust us you dont need to worry about anything when your with me but there is two things you need to worry about and that is getting kissed or tickled' he said with a smile then i kissed him on the cheek and took everyone behind the falls and they thought it was beautiful and i did to, then me and Destiny went to the place where i put my book and no one touched the book but i went back to see Justin and i told Destiny to get the book and bring it over here so everyone could see.

Destiny P.O.V

So i  found the book and i opened it and there was a note that said 'leave Justin and dont look back -Selena Gomez

why was Selena Gomez goin after April she didnt do anything she just started to trust a guy and then he fell in love with her thats it like really she aint leaving him and Selena cant do anything about it i wont let April see this Note she cant see it ill show Justin ' Hey April i cant find the book' i said putting it back and i ran to Justin and gave him the letter and told him to keep her safe and dont let Selena hurt her or she wont ever trust you again' he said okay and then April found the book and we found out we are............... 

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