As long as you love me

this is about a girl who is shy and scared of the world and people then she falls in in love and she opens up because of him and finds out stuff she never knew


2. Who is he?

-Next Day -

Aprils P.O.V

Well its the next day im still here and alive

-Hello anyone behind here - i heard someone say dame i dropped the blanket it fell out ill just have to be really careful but he sounds so nice

Whos there - i said

Its Justin - he said

Last name please - me 

i cant tell or i will get in trouble but can i come back there -justin

can i trust you wont hurt me - me

yes i promise on Avalannas spirit - Justin

Avalanna - i whispered to myself

yes you can - me

so he did and i was right it was justin or was it Robin acting like Justin ill have to see some tattoos i was smileing well he was walking behind here

-Me-  How did you find me do you work for Rob Smith

-Justin- No i dont and who is he

-Me- No one

-Justin- okay so what are.. are you okay

it sounded like Justin was gonna ask what i was doing back here but changed the question well i had to answer him but what was i gonna say -Me-

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