As long as you love me

this is about a girl who is shy and scared of the world and people then she falls in in love and she opens up because of him and finds out stuff she never knew


3. Should i trust him

Justin P.O.V

She is so pretty i wonder who Rob is .. i he someone bad or good i should ask but i dont think its a good idea

Hey so um whats your name -Me-

My name is April um uh Smith -April-

Why did you say um and uh and wait thats that Rob guys last name is he your dad -Me-

Yeah but he is so mean so i ran away and now i have no where to go -April-

why dont you come home with me and stay with me come on you can trust me lets go to my house and meet the boys i promise they wont hurt you come on -Justin-

she got up and took one step and fell -OUUHH -April-

what are you okay -Justin-

no its my leg i hurti it when i um when i fell on my way here -April-

oh well ill carry you because if your hurt then i dont want it to get worse -Justin-

so i picked her up and started to carry her it was a half an hour walk

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