As long as you love me

this is about a girl who is shy and scared of the world and people then she falls in in love and she opens up because of him and finds out stuff she never knew


4. i think i can

Justin P.O.V

so we got to the house before we got in I stopped and looked at April she had beautiful blue eyes then she gave me an unsure look and I said "its ok you'll be fine here with me" she nodded but i dont think she felt safe... I walked in still carrying her,i then placed her on the couch, i asked her if she needed anything she shook her head no and then Niall and Harry walked down stairs and of course they made her feel unsafe so she backed up a lil which told me she was scared. When the boys left she asked ' Do i annoy you? ' No you dont i care for you - i said 'oh shit did i just say that oh no she is gonna find out i like her damn i just said that out loud again i should shut up now ' i said out loud im so stupid but i cant like her im dating Selena well fake but still!!!!!

Akward silence-

Aprils P.O.V

Did he just say he liked me who would like me i dont ever talk and i dont even look at people what am i thinking i like him back i know everything about him but he knows nothing i havent even told him that i know he is Justin BIEBER i know his first name but thats all i should know for now

' So um Justin what is your last name you never told me' - i Said

' Do you promise not to tell anyone ' -Justin asked

'Who am i goin to tell i dont talk to anyone remember ' i said with a lil giggle i havent giggled in a long time i trust him finally someone i trust

'Okay well my last name is Bieber' - justin said looking at the ground

' As in thee  Justin Drew Bieber born March 1st 1994 12:56am 7 pounds 11oz Dr.Simon Becklaham room 126 second floor with a purple blanket wrapped around you after you came out because they had no more blue ones ' i said with a huge stupid smile on my face

Justin just stood there with a smile on his face like he was happy i knew this much about him which is kinda funny! :p

Justins P.O.V

im guessing she is a belieber so thats even better then i dont need to tell her anything about me well i should ask her some questions

' So April when were you born but dont say it like you said mine thats to much info ' i asked

' Well i was born March 1st to which to me is funny and in the same year so 1994 but at 12:56am wait why didnt i just say i was born the same time as you' She said

'Well thats funny wait is your mom Sara Sky ?' i asked with a weird look on my face

'yeah how did you know wait my mom told me how she was best friends with your mom Pattie and how they planned to have kids at the same time so i guess they did' April said with a smile i guess she knows that she can trust me

' Well we should go to bed lets say good night to everyone and go to my room and ill sleep on the couch in there and you can have the big comfy bed' I said but inside i wanted to sleep on the bed with her but not the dirty way i swear we just meant 

'Well how comfy is the couch ' April asked like she wanted me to say un comfy

'Its not the best but ill live for a while ' i said like i wanted her to say well you can sleep in the same bed with me but different blanket! _

'Well you can sleep in the bed and ill sleep on the couch and dont say no :)' she said like she had a plan

' Okay i wont say no lets go get on my back ' i said and then we said goodnight to everyone and went up stairs then she laid on the couch and i went to the bed then i asked ' Do you need a shirt to wear because it looks like you forgot your bag' she replied ' shit i forgot my bag and it had pictures of my baby sister in there we have to go there tomorrow and yes i would love a shirt '

Aprils P.O.V

He is so cute sleeping i thought to myself and it was like 2 in the morning and i cant sleep so i woke him up by faking i hurt myself ' ouhh Justin Help i fell and i cant get up' "i faked cried" the funny thing is i did fall but im not hurt  Justin got up as soon as he heard me say help and helped me up and put me on the bed and said okay thats it you sleep up on the bed and ill sleep on the couch'

' But i would feel more safe if you slept in the bed to, please im scared' I said with a frown but it was true i was scared

' okay ill go get the other pillow' he said YES i thought to myself then we went to bed when he got back

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