As long as you love me

this is about a girl who is shy and scared of the world and people then she falls in in love and she opens up because of him and finds out stuff she never knew


6. I have another Family member

Justin P.O.V

They found out they were sisters same dad different mom but Destinys mom died when she had her ang Rob didnt want her so he left her with their aunt for awhile then when hailey was born a day after so Feb-29-1994 which is really funny but anyway i have a big surpise for Destiny and April but mostly April!

Destinys P.O.V

After we were done at the Falls they invited me back to the boys house and when we got there April told me that we were gonna sleep in the same room till i warm up to the boys and Justin ....

-An 1 hour later-

it was about 10 at night and me and April were gonna go to bed and go to sleep because we were really tired and she was to.

Harrys P.O.V

I like Destiny she is fun to hang out with but i dont think she will warm up to me and i wish she would i really like her, when Justin has the surpise for April and Destiny im gonna go because then i get to know Destiny more and she can warm up to me then and maybe she wont be like the other girls and only like me because im famous only April knows im Famous Destiny just thinks im one of  Justins friends from Stradford Canada but im not so thats good or i wouldnt be here....

-Next day-

i woke up at like 7 and i made pancakes for everyone but Justin and April because Justin wants to make April food and bring it to her in bed because she isnt feeling that great she isnt sick or anything its just about all the drama in the last day she has been here.

Aprils P.O.V

i woke up to the smell of food and foot steps coming to the door so i put the covers over my head and went to "sleep" ' wake up Beautiful' i heard someone say ' whatttt im trying to sleep ' i said faking a sleepy voice ' i have food' as soon as i heard food i sat up as fast as i could and said 'im up' ' ok here you go and eat fast but not to fast i have something to show you' Justin said as he started to leave after he put the food on the other side of the bed and i see that Destiny is up and is now talking im guessing. 'Where is destiny ?' i asked justin well he was at the door about to leave ' she is down stairs eatting ' ' oh okay and justin can you come here i need to tell you something' justin came and sat next to me and i all i said was 'Yes' ' Yes? why did you say yes?' ' because i wanna be your One less lonely Girl you sang to me and for once i felt loved and im slowy starting to know what love is again and i want you to teach me ' ' well then we can start today so eat and get dressed and April?' ' Yeah' 'just out of the pull do you like dancing and singing infront of people ?' ' kinda not really why?' ' just wondering well ill be down stairs come down when your done ' ' k ill be done in 15 tell Destiny to come up when you get down there ' ' yeah sure and oh April before i leave ' Justin said as he opened the door and was about to almost go down stairs and then he came up to me and was close to me and then he said....................................

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