As long as you love me

this is about a girl who is shy and scared of the world and people then she falls in in love and she opens up because of him and finds out stuff she never knew


1. about my life ( Diary )

Dear Diry -

This is my first time writing in here so im gonna tell you about my self i have blonde hair and blue eyes my name is April and i really shy I dont talk to anyone and im scared of the world. I hope one day i meet my idol Justin Bieber and i can tell him everything like how my parents spilt up when i was eight because my baby sister died and how they beat on me their names are Sara and Rob when i go to Saras im gonna run away before i get there so that i dont get hurt anymore well i got to go Rob is calling me

-_-   -April


Aprils P.O.V

APRIL GET YOUR SKINNY ASS IN MY ROOM - Rob yelled at me all the time every day i was there he hurt me but i have to go see him so yeah i went into his room and he was tryin to do it with me but i kept fighting back then there was a knock on the door i knew this was a hard get away but its better then waiting so i ran to my room and locked the door and grabbed my packed bag and then jumped out the window OUUUHH i screamed i hurt my leg/ankle oh no Rob is coming i have to get up.................................

Robs P.O.V

NO dont move April no need to come back dinner is ready sweetie i yelled at April oh how im gonna kill her when i get her in my hands -_-

April P.O.V

i got up and ran and ran and then i got to the falls and went behind them and stayed really quiet then i remembered that i had a book of pictures of my baby sister who i miss tons every day well its dark so im gonna go to bed im kinda scared though :(

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