A walk on the beach

lillie thinks that life is just a walk on the beach, easy, fun and perfect.
she's always get what she want and act like a bitch until her mum and dad split, she finally see's what the real worlds about and when she doesnt get what she wants she makes life a living hell even though her dadand mum cant afford her to get everything she want they make it happen, wil meeting the one and only one direction make her changed, lies are told and promises are broken...


1. Perfect life

Lillie *thinking*

mum and dad seem to be fighting lot lately but tbh i don't care as long as i get my new channel bag im okay, lifes so easy, never working or paying attention in class because i wont need a job, i have my mum and dad to pay for me, at the moment i want to be a singer i mean i have the looks and the hair plus im not fat, im the best singer im better that beyonce or whitney houston

"Come here Coco" i called my dog over and put her in my handbag, shes so tiny                                       i put on my heels, skinny jeans and and tank top with and light one over the top, i grabbed my phone and sunglasses and headed down stairs 

"hey mum, can we go shopping for a pagent dress, its in 6 weeks" i said as i walking in to the living room, "morning daddy" i walked over to him and kissed his forehead i sat down next to mum and put my handbag on the floor and put coco on my lap and started petting him

"honey we cant do the pagent this week, we told you, we cant afford it" i cant believe mum just said i CANT do a pagent

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CANT AFFORD IT, IF I WANT IT I WILL GET IT OKAY!" i shouted at them and coco started shaking" Look what You'ves Done, you made me shouted then i scared coco" i put coco back in my bag and walk over to mum, "im going shopping and i've got your credit card, see you later"

i walked over to my bmw covnvertible and put coco in the passenger seat and walked over to the drives side and started the car and put the top down and drove off


hope you like it, lillie sounds like a right bitch dont she, i'll write some more soon 

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