We Found Love in a Hopeless Place.

A Harry Styles love story.


2. My New House

My new house was huge. It had a lot of bedrooms, and one of the good things was that I had my own bathroom. I'm pretty happy about that. I also was very happy about another thing, I didn't have to share a room with my sister, Anna. She was older than me, but only by a year. She was eighteen, obviously. I liked my sister, we were close. I just liked my own space, I was a very shy person. I just liked being by myself most of the time, but when I wanted to talk to someone I talked to my sister. We told each other everything. I walked out of my room and into the hallway. I checked out my sisters room, it was nice & big like mine. It was right across from mine. We both had walk in closets. They were also very VERY huge. They looked like separate rooms. I thought to myself, I could fit a bed in here, & another, & another, & another. I walked out of my sisters room and headed down stairs. As I walked down stairs, I saw my mom, dad & sister carrying in boxes. "Would you mind helping us darling?", my mom asked. I nodded my head yes & walked out the front door. I walked over to the car & bent over to pick up the last few boxes that laid there in the back of the car. I turned around & walked back in the house & sat the boxes down beside the front door. I heard what sounded like huge trucks pull up outside, I looked out the window & saw moving trucks pull in. "Mom, Dad, the trucks are here!", I shouted. The big men hopped out of all their trucks, opened the back & started carrying in all of our furniture. After a while everything was unpacked & put in to place. The furniture was also. I don't know how we did it, but everything was done on the first day of moving. I walked up the steps & into my bedroom. It was set up quite nicely actually. The bed in the middle of the room against the back wall, my flat screen in front of my bed against the front wall, my dresser beside my closet doorway, my chest beside my bed, my vanity had been placed in the closet, and I had decorated my room earlier that day with my personal things. All of my clothes had been hung up also, I'm guessing by my mother or sister. My piano was beside the door that went out to my balcony. There were big curtains draped over the balcony doors, they were quite beautiful. They were pink & see through, matching my room. My nightstand was placed beside my queen sized bed. I loved it. It was gorgeous. I may be quiet, but I'm not boring. Tomorrow was my first day at my new school. I was scared, but I had to be ready. I walked out into the hallway & down the hall to the bathroom. I pulled my shirt over my head & my pants down my long somewhat tan legs. I hopped in the shower & stood under the warm water for a while. It felt good on my sore back. I was so busy unpacking all day I hadn't realized how much my back actually hurt. I washed my hair and my body & quickly got out of the shower. I wrapped the towel around my body & brushed my teeth and remove the makeup from my face. I stared at my reflection. I was never proud of my body nor my "beauty". I hated looking in the mirror. I walked out the door & quickly tiptoed down the hall back to my room. I quietly opens my door, walked in, & shut the door behind me. I walked over to my chest to pull out my undergarments. I put those on, & closed the drawer. I opened the next drawer down & picked out a t-shirt & a pair of shorts to wear to bed. I pulled my t-shirt over my head & shirts up my legs, I walked over to my vanity, sat down, & picked up my brush. I turned around facing away from the mirror & brushed my long brown, curly, wet hair. When I was done, I put my brush down & walked over to turn the light switch off. I slowly walked over to my bed. I bent down beside my bed struggling to find my charger for my phone. After I found it, I plugged my phone in & set my alarm & laid it on the nightstand. I laid in my bed & pulled the covers over my head. Soon enough, I fell asleep dreaming about my day at my new school tomorrow. I was scared, but I knew it wouldn't be too bad. At least, I hoped.
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