We Found Love in a Hopeless Place.

A Harry Styles love story.


3. First Day

I woke up the next morning to the sound of my phones alarm going off to wake me up. I slowly got out of bed & walked down the hall to the bathroom. I stood at the door for a couple of seconds & realized I was still very tired & my back was still hurting. I leaned my forehead up against the door. I heard someone come up the stairs. I turned around seeing my sister, Anna. Apparently she had already been down for breakfast. She was beautiful. She had brown hair as well as myself, but I found her more of the looker than myself. She had blue eyes, unlike myself.. I had brown. She was about the same height as me, only maybe a bit taller. She looked at me with a big smile on her face. She had a pretty smile. "Goodmorning sis, ready to start our new school?", she asked sounding overjoyed. I nodded slightly & tried to pull off a fake smile. She didn't believe it, I could tell. She looked at me confused. "Why not, it won't be that bad. We'll make new friends, I promise.", she said trying to make me feel better. I nodded & opened the door to the bathroom. The floor was cold. I turned to look in the mirror, "disgusting", I said to myself. I hated the way I looked. I glanced away from the mirror to turn the water on. I splashed my face with the cool liquid & dried my face off. I kept the water on & grabbed my toothbrush & wet it. I quickly brushed my teeth, put it back in the cup & walked out of the bathroom & down to the hallway to my bedroom. I walked into my closet, I plugged in my straightener that was sitting on my vanity & walked over to my clothes. I picked out some skinny jeans & a cream colored, fancy looking blouse. I slipped my clothes on quickly & walked to the vanity. I sat down & started to straightnen my hair. I got done quickly & started to put my make up on. I never put much on, only on special occasion. I put my foundation on & my mascara. Then, I put on my favorite lip gloss. It smelled like vanilla. After I was done, I put all the makeup back in the make up bag & unplugged the straightener. I walked out of the closet & over to the nightstand to unplug my phone. I placed the phone in my pocket. I walked back into the closet to get my shoes. I decided on my tan toms. I walked out of my room & down the hallway to the stairs. I walked down stairs & into the kitchen. I saw a green notebook laying on the island with a sticky note attached to it. It read:
"For your first day of 11th grade, love mom."
I smiled at te note & crumpled it up & threw it in the trashcan. I quickly noticed that a pen was also in the swirly part of the notebook, attached with the clip on the pen. I smiled at that thought my mom cared. I turned around to head to the couch to wait for my sister to come down. As soon as I say down, my sister came walking down the steps. I saw my sister & stared in aw. She looked amazing. She noticed the staring.
"You look amazing too you know.", she said to me with a smile.
"Are you ready?, she asked with a slight giggle.
I nodded, & we headed to the end of the driveway to wait for the bus. We had a car, I didn't know why we didn't just drive it to school instead.
After waiting a minute of two, the bus stopped in front if us. We both hopped on & sat in the middle of the bus. She sat down in front of me. I stared out the window, watching all the other kids get on. Apparently we weren't the only kids who didn't want to drive our car to school. I almost dozed off until I heard the bus driver honk. I opened my eyes slightly to find a gorgeous curly haired boy run out of his house. Behind him, was another boy. That boy was blonde headed. They were laughing, I guess at the fact that they were late to get on the bus. I thought to myself, how could these boys not have a car to drive to school. No one that gorgeous would have no car. They got on the bus, they were still laughing. They apologized to the driver for being late & walked slowly down the aisle to find a seat. I couldn't help but stare at the curly haired boy. He was the most gorgeous boy I'd even seen. Ever. His friend wasn't ugly either. I got my phone out of my pocket to text my sister.
Me: Did you see those boys.. ,I sent it & waited for a text back. When I leaned up I looked over only to find the curly haired boy sitting right beside me. That's right, right beside of me. He looked at me with a cheeky grin.
"Hello love, I'm Harry. You must be new."
How did he know I was new..creepy.
"I figured you were new because I've never seen you right the bus before.", he said to me.
It's like he's reading my mind..creepier.
He smiled cheekily again. I wondered where his friend was. I then received a text back from my sister.
Anna: Oh my god! Yes, the blonde is sitting beside me!
I smiled at the text & almost laughed. While trying to contain my laugh, I texted back.
"Yea, & the curly headed one is sitting next to me.."
I leaned up my phone & placed it back into my pocket. I looked over at the curly haired boy to find him staring at me. He gave me another cheeky grin.
"You know, you still haven't told me your name love."
I slightly smiled, "It's Charlotte, & yes. I'm new."
"You don't have to be afraid, it's not that bad. I'll show you around the school if you'd like. Oh another thing.." He grabbed my phone from my pocket & typed his number in.
"Here you go", he said with a wink.
I then took his & placed my number in. He smiled cheekily & took it back & placed it into is pocket. "& oh, if you're wondering..that blonde headed boy is my best mate Niall. It seems as if he's sitting in front of us."
"Yea, he's sitting with my sister", I smiled.
He deeply chuckled, "Oh, I see."
The bus haulted & everyone started to get off the bus.
"It seems as if we're here love.", Harry stated with his cheeky grin on his tan face. I smiled & he let out first. I walked off the bus when I saw my sister waiting for me with Niall. I got to her & whispered. "Why is he waiting with you.." She smile, "This is Niall, Charlotte."
I nodded, "Harry told me." Harry grinned at me.
I could already tell I was going to LOVE this new school.
The day passed by quicker than I thought it would. I walked off the bus with my sister, waving to Harry & Niall. Harry had helped me find all of my classes that day & I even had one with him, math. Apparently he wasn't good at it & had had to take it again. I, on the other hand was very good at math. I walked into the house with my sister & she told me she had exchanged numbers with Niall. She was so happy. I was happy. My first day of school I had exchanged numbers with the most beautiful boy I'd seen in my lifetime.

We'd had dinner & I had already took my shower & did what needed to be done before bed. I layed in my bed watching television when I received a text. It was from Harry.

Harry: Goodnight love, see you at school tomorrow, sweet dreams beautiful.xx
Me: Goodnight Harry (:

I smiled at myself. Oh my god, Harry thought I was beautiful..holy crap. I turned off my television & set my alarm on my phone. I slid my covers over me & laid there, thinking.

This was the best first day ever. Soon..I fell asleep.

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