1D Fanfics!!

Hey x I write 1D FanFictions but if you want anyone else I will
Do them but I just won't do all of them. If you want a fanfic just comment
Your name, hair colour, eye colour and the boy you want x

Love you all x
Millie xxxxxxxxx


14. #5 Niall Fanfic For Kassie

You are asleep in your bed, just waking up. You hear the radio blast out "HEY ALL YOU LOVERS OUT THERE! PHONE IN TO GET YOUR OWN SONG PLAYED ON THIS VERY RADIO STATION, CAPITAL FM! JUST CALL 01956 0847800!" The DJ said through the radio. Hey! It's valentines day today! I wonder if Niall would do anything special for you.

You get out of bed slowly, you were up all night with Niall last night, you thought he had gone home at about 1:00am, when you two finally stopped talking. You remember Zayn ringing you up and telling you to be quiet. He was in the room next door. You stand up and go to Zayn's door. 'Knock Knock' as you wait there quietly. You her a loud bang and a "OUCH!" Zayn must've fallen out of bed or something. Silly boy! "Zayn? Are you okay?" You ask him through a closed door. "Yeah... I think." He says sleepily. There was a long pause before Zayn finally opened the door and said; "where's Niall?" He looked around. "He left last night." You say quietly. "Oh right okay, you want some breakfast? Ill make it." He says putting his arm around you and squeezes you. "Yeah sure, thanks." You say and you and Zayn walk down the stairs in your pyjamas.

"Turn the radio on! Niall said to!" Zayn said excitedly. "Okay..." You say back as you turn the dial to Capital FM. "And here's a song requested by the one and only Niall Horan for the lovely Kassie! Hope you like it Kassie!" The DJ says as he starts playing 'Truly Madly Deeply' by One Direction! "oh my god! He didn't!" You start to cry! You hear a knock at the door. You go to answer it. You open the door and Niall is there with a bouquet of roses! "Happy Valentines Day Princess!" He says hugging you tightly. "Oh my GOD NIALL! YOU ARE AMAZING!" You say as he kisses you passionately!
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