1D Fanfics!!

Hey x I write 1D FanFictions but if you want anyone else I will
Do them but I just won't do all of them. If you want a fanfic just comment
Your name, hair colour, eye colour and the boy you want x

Love you all x
Millie xxxxxxxxx


11. #4 Niall Fanfic For Tori

"NIALL! HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT? I DON'T LOVE LOUIS! I LOVE YOU!" You scream at your boyfriend Niall as he accuses you of loving your best friend Louis Tomlinson. "THEN HOW COME YOU SPEND MORE TIME WITH HIM THAN ME!!??" He shouts back at you, half crying. "BECAUSE HE IS MY BEST FRIEND! YOU WOULDN'T BE SAYING THIS IF HE WERE A GIRL!" You scream, crying loudly. "I KNOW I WOULDN'T! IT'S WORRYING ME! YOU SPENT TWO DAYS WITH NE THIS WEEK! THE REST WITH LOUIS! HOW CAN YOU STAND HERE AND DEFEND YOURSELF?!?!? YOU KNOW YOU LOVE HIM! I KNOW TOO!" He shouts as he grabs his coat. "NIALL NO! Listen to me! I don't want to shout at you! I have been spending time with Lou this week because after this week I won't see him for 3 months! He is going to Australia! I will miss him so much! I want to spend as much time as I can with him!" You say, wiping away your tears. "Why? Why don't you tell me these things! That's what annoys me the most! YOU ARE SUCH A HORRIBLE GIRLFRIEND!" Niall shouts. That hurt you, he thinks your a bad girlfriend? Really! "HOW DARE YOU!" You scream! "GET OUT! YOU'LL HAVE TO WALK HOME IN THE RAIN! I DON'T CARE ANYMORE!" You storm off and sit down on your couch as you hear the door slam. You cry, loudly, so everyone can hear how upset you are. "Why Niall... Why?" You look at the door and run to it as fast as you can. You open the door and shout; "I LOVE YOU NIALL JAMES HORAN! DON'T LEAVE!" You see Niall turn his head and come running back towards you. "I LOVE YOU TORI! I LOVE YOUR BLONDE HAIR! I LOVE YOUR GREEN EYES! I LOVE YOU!" He shouts back at you! He runs faster. He climbs up the stairs to your porch, cups your face in his hands and says quietly "Sorry." He kisses you passionately for a minute or two before you both walk inside hand-in-hand.
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