1D Fanfics!!

Hey x I write 1D FanFictions but if you want anyone else I will
Do them but I just won't do all of them. If you want a fanfic just comment
Your name, hair colour, eye colour and the boy you want x

Love you all x
Millie xxxxxxxxx


13. #2 Liam Fanfic For Mary-Jane

"Mary-Jane! Hurry up! Prom doesn't last forever!" You hear your boyfriend Liam shout up the stairs of your apartment at you. "Well I'm sorry! Go without me! Ill meet you there! I promise! Ill hurry up!" You shout back at him. "Okay babe! Ill meet you there!" He shouts up as the door closes and you are left alone in your apartment. Alone, you start singing your favourite song, Live While We're Young, really loudly.


You are driving to your school for your last night there, prom night. You are wearing a bright green puffy, sparkly dress that beautiful clashes with your big, brown eyes. You see the prom lights coming from your school. Your pull up to the school, get out of the car and walk through the great big arch covered with flowers. Some flowers fall off the arch and into your dark brown hair.

"Mary-Jane?!" You hear a familiar voice shout from the prom hall. It was Liam, his mouth was wide open and hanging to the floor at the sight of you. "You look nice!" You shout to him. "You are beautiful!" He shouts as he runs towards you and kisses you passionately under the arch!
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